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By beaver lake road and ninety Fifth Avenue also have a crash on highway five westbound near the airport right around four ninety four and thirty fourth Avenue your five I witness news weather forecast mostly clear skies tonight fifty seven year low partly cloudy eighty two tomorrow right now the my talk studios seventy one and sunny. turning to entertain you. this is. everything you need to know from the world of entertainment and pop culture heard at the top of every hour on my top one oh seven one seven and what have you learned to learning a martial is leading the celebrity tributes to famed photographer Peter Lindbergh who died yesterday at the age of seventy four in a post on her official Sussex royal Instagram account Megan shared a photograph of herself with Lindbergh and she hand picked the photographer for her fifteen women that she named forces of change for the September issue of British vogue cover which Markel guest edited and this guy just died he just died at the age of seventy four yesterday we don't know the cause of his death but if you look around the fashion world today on social media a lot of tributes are going around for Peter Lindbergh if you saw one of his photographs you would totally know black and white really natural low I love to talk. this this British vogue yes you did okay. and maybe because it be age nine oh to one oh has been kind of a hit this summer it seems that mark Paul Gosselaar Mario Lopez Elizabeth Berkley are reportedly in talks to participate in some kind of saved by the bell revival so well aid I can't be as clever is B. H. nine NO two right now they already have the handle on that I love that show it's only like a six episode though but it's just such an upside down let you have it show I mean at the inside making this show it's like an entourage or episodes but not quite at that level.

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