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Today's world famous happening. Brings an amazing eclectic mix to the airwaves got that. Right. One of the reasons she's earned legions of loyal fans. Very simple. When you listen to the Frankie Boyer show. You just never know. What's going to happen? For civil Boyer. And welcome. It is so nice to have you with us right here on cannabis talked a to z an educational odyssey, and it is Frankie Boyer. Joining us, and we always love having Julie, she's a licensed dietitian, functional medicine expert, and she really wants to help people improve their health, and she has an infinite tool chest, you've remedies and she's been doing this for over three days working with individuals of all ages to help lined the route of their health ailments, and treat them naturally, and as an anti aging expert, and you have what's the deal with your your telomeres and sell your health. We need to talk about this. You've changed so much of your own health. But let's talk about this CBD world. We're living in now. And Julie welcome to the program. It's always a pleasure and tell us about the telomeres as well. We want to hear all. Thank you as always a pleasure to be here. The telomere is the tip of your DNA. So if your DNA strand looks like a shoelace, you know, that little plastic piece on the end of a sneaker chalets that the plastic pieces similar to what the telomere looks like on the DNA, and you know, how after a while. Some of the shoes are ready and the shoelace tip calls apart. Similarly that happens in the DNA until they measure that the telomere they measure the lanes and the presence of it like and what it looks like and they use that to judge your actual cellular age. So I had taken a telomere test. And it said that I had the cells of an eighteen year old and then three years later. It said I had the cells of the twelve year old. So I am aging in reverse my God of my secrets that is so amazing. Thank you. I love that as well. Really? It's just really a way of life. It's just helping people the same things that I'll be talking about today. Just making small changes feeling feeling better. Those are the things that move towards lowering your telomeres, just feeling better. You know? Tell me how. Is in this mix with our indoor can avenue it system. CV? I I don't know if all of your listeners about the Endo can have annoyed system. But basically the TVD comes from hemp, which is one of our best natural resources. We use it to make clothes and all kinds of things, and it doesn't need that much water to grow and CBD is an extra is a part of that. And it works in our body to just calm things down and improve the immune system and is doing so it elicits a compound, which is known as the bliss.

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