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What do you got max van? I'll write Ross fit on. Instagram wants to know hashtag casual challenge us tires good budget option, or should I just go new. I gotta say I was looking at us tires online the other day and racing tires, but still use tires now Goldberg trying to Loton entire. He takes out hay bales. I was looking at some tires and tires have where raising ties have these sort of holes in them, let's how worn they are, but that's dates on them. You have to learn how to read the date, but there's a lot of good stuff out there. And I see no reason why you shouldn't go used. Just make sure you read the date. Talk figure out how many miles are on them. You can see the tread. You can basically look at it and see the tread is worn or not. So I liked the idea and I give it a big fat, thumbs up and also give Castro thumbs up. Castrol edge like with titanium technology. All right, Matt, porce punisher. Finally. I got something I need you to make up for olga's car. Okay. Guys can help me do this. I want one of those magnetic signs that you stick on the door, the car that people do, you know, for gardening business or whatever pool cleaning or whatever it is that I think they're a couple of different sizes seem to be about eighteen twenty two by sixteen or eighteen or something in that variety. We got to come up with a phone number that doesn't work. So we'll work that one out, but you ready. Professional. Piano tuning. Specializing in Stein way. What's another good one and Yamaha. Okay. Okay. Grand. And then we put the phone number. Because her Herath fours parked in front of my house all day every day. And I was walking my dog earlier today, and I passed a nice big house, and there was a car in front of it and said, tuner, piano tuner, professional, piano tuner, and I went what's guy doing there. Doing pretty good in there guys. Good. He's got a piano and he needs a tune professionally. He needs a tune and debt guys accomplished. Like, I'm sure he's a lawyer something he's off, you know, fighting oil company right now. Someone cocktail this is for cocktail parties, but whatever it is arrive. Yeah, you know what I mean? It's gonna I thought what really could say you got going on like, oh, it's got overtones. Of course we have money, but but but also we got skill and I just passed. I mean, I guess we could do chandelier repair, but that's a little ostentatious. Yamaha chandeliers going to be confusing. Oh, no, Matt you. Oh, yeah, right. Well, we would all just, okay, but my point is for indoor fountains. I like the piano. I like the piano tuning because I got a lot of people walking their dogs, pass my house. You know, they're like there's a to Bank role in their blabbering no microphone all day or making fun of his kids and his pod card or whatever. Piano will the jig up. Yup, six months down the road when the carbon park debt every day, like how bad can that piano. I think it's just the opposite that guy pianos. He must really pound on his keys. Jerry put the foot up to this, whatever it is that guy sophisticated that guys evolve. And I like what it says about me in the inhabitants of my house. Maybe I got lessons for the kids. Maybe I'm a dad hands on. Dad wants important to me. Maybe I play because you love it. So I love it. I love it this good. So I wanna make up that sign man. And then I wanna just put it on August car and I'll just be like, look, if you wanna take it off when you go home, you can MAG. I don't know why this hurts your stock shitload better than nanny. You know what I mean in terms of what the science for. I don't that need a nanny shine across it out that actually hurts our costs. See, I'm saying, so do we want. Piano, tuning tuning and repair tuning tuning. Junker. Is there something better than Stein Wayne Yamaha? I don't know. Lot about it Stein. Don't want them to think upright. I don't wanna think like western saloon demand honky-tonk. Yeah. Rates joke, hey, plays piano, pleasant to Homer starts playing Mozart. I send PS piano. Honky honky-tonk. I love that show..

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