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He is going to be successful in doing that. He'll be the republican candidate for governor whether the democrats can find a viable much less than attractive candidate is very much an open question. Do you think betas gotta run in the end. Well i don't know what he's going to do I don't know what what kinda hey is gonna do But those are the two people that democrats kind of look through particularly beto because they remember his twenty eighteen senate race which was a remarkable performance. But they remember his twenty twenty presidential campaign which was a lot less than remarkable so which better or rock shows up and whether he can engage texas voters as you did in twenty eighteen and raise anything like the money that he raised in twenty eighteen. I think is is questionable. I don't think he would be the kind of phenomena that he wasn't twenty eighteen with national fundraising your bill and i think he's eighty million dollars or something so i think the reason the democrats are having trouble. Finding a gubernatorial candidate is that their prospects. Look good in twenty twenty two and so People like The castro brothers simply declined to step forward yard. Tell thank you very much for your time. Always a pleasure and always enlightening. We appreciate it. Thanks all right. There's jason smu political scientists..

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