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I think in a year or two they're off as a line is going to be dominant. They have young guys like AJ Terrell, a young coroner, I stud Kyle Pitts at tight end. These guys are the future of the team in Atlanta. But quarterback Matt Ryan finds himself in a really weird position where he's 36. He can't wait a couple of years for Atlanta to rebuild. If Atlanta is good three years from now, great. Matt Ryan's gonna be thinking about retirement. So I don't think Matt Ryan has time to wait for them to get better. And I don't know that Atlanta wants to waste good years paying Matt Ryan a ton of money. I think Atlanta, this could be Matt Ryan's last year in Atlanta before they draft his replacement. They might keep him next year. If I were them, I'd try to trade him and because you want it cheaper, younger quarterback who can allow you to pay other people and build the rest of your roster. Matt Ryan's fantastic. I have no doubt that Arthur Smith the new head coach of the Atlanta Falcons is like, oh, hallelujah, thank goodness we have Matt Ryan. The last thing you want us to be a new head coach in the NFL and have a terrible quarterback situation. He's probably glad to have Matt Ryan. But when you look at the direction this team is headed in, they're young, they're rebuilding. I don't know that Matt Ryan is the long-term plan at quarterback for Atlanta. They're happy to have him this year. I frankly hope that Matt Ryan can get moved somewhere where he can win. If we Matt Ryan gets a bad rap, but if Matt Ryan were the head coach of the head coach, if not right where the quarterback for the new and the Patriots or the Miami Dolphins, we would be talking about how they are Super Bowl frontrunners. Like Matt Ryan's not a bad quarterback. In fact, in fact, very, very good. He just needs a good team around him, and the one time he did that, he led them to a Super Bowl. They lost, but he had the lead like 28 to three, literally. So I believe the falcons will go four and 13 this year. They were bad last year. They did not do enough to fix their team. They are rebuilding. And I don't know that Matt Ryan is the long-term plan in Atlanta. It's going to be a rough year, the rebuilding, but I don't know that that's necessarily terribly either. To have a good young core of talented players, they've got a couple of veterans that I think they're going to replace eventually. But look, it's a new era in Atlanta Falcons football and.

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