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You got eighty three points by rose home in eighty two by laverne seventyone by wheaton at imagine of occidental had fielded a team against chapman on saturday i gotta thought jay after starting the season owen five including a loss to fdu floor finish by winning four or five including saturdays twenty seven zero win against other virginia which leaves the jack for the oda after next season i feel the same about about southwestern which finished six and three in the american southwest conference as well as a couple of other teams that we've talked about before in milliken ithaca fareham eight and two but now they step up a half step or maybe a whole step to join the opec next fall and and i think hopes for better for next year for like teams that went owen ten such as carlton crown early kenyan william paterson will was nine for the first time so as boden for that matter and what are your was eight and yeah i mean for that matter maybe occidental they were only three yeah i mean usually fortunes turn around for for these teams the following season or a couple of seasons out eventually they always do in cases the fourth consecutive owen ten season for the quakers however they've lost forty three consecutive games and one team as you mentioned that did not get a win this season lost more than just games on the scoreboard lost the opportunity to play them so here's hoping occidental gets back to fielding a full team and playing a full schedule next season keith i have a ton of post on my desk with notes i didn't get to us on the selection show and so many of them are about key injuries teams michael whitley for lakeland joe german euro for brock port rob khuda for case austin rows for wj and those guys that are those are just starting quarterbacks we've gotten hurt in the past few weeks for playoff teams the the query the pulls them out of the database really precise that all of those all of those guys are are either going to be giving around or not playing on saturday and then we could talk about.

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