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And add owns ways to import from other tools response seems three pretty good. I haven't personally taken it for spend yet. I'm hoping that probably in the next month. So I got a good coming up where it's gonna come in handy. So yeah, I'm looking forward to give it a Hoon as well. Some people are saying all what about either and binary injure and people who might commercial reversing tools, and I kinda think this is a rising tide carries all ships type of thing. 'cause result of this toll releases, which is going to have a lot more people doing reverse inch which was the idea behind releasing it, right? Well, yeah. Exactly. I think it will it will really bring people into open a lot of people have been using this assembly. Ms until that are flowing Alice's for control a mouse. But you know, having a good quality decompile, which really Hicks. Raise was the only game in town until now that really is gonna bring whole bunch of people, and frankly, it is kinda easier to reverse engineering with a good quality decompile. I used to use either xrays in a previous gig where we had all the licenses. We don't do enough reversing here to have X rays, and it's kind of frustrating. So yeah, I'm totally going to give give it a go. Yeah. Well, I mean, I just wasn't expecting people to lock it. Sorry, much to be honest. Like, it some kind of me one thing we should point out too is like last week. We're having a chocolate over that. There was that service that it would start up that would allow Kurt exotic that only like that debunk says only starts when you load it in Deepa mode. So it was kind of nothing big. But even if it ran into full like who sits around on the Starbucks wifi reversing Melwood with our firewall on their box. Right. Like, the idea that that was ever a serious problem was kind of I don't know some people go carried away with that. Don't you think? Yeah. I think a lot of people just wanted to kick the NSA, and it's in its collective nuts over something, you know, over anything they wanted to piss in the punch right because it's pretty much. Facebook is suing bunch of Ukrainian hack is for. Dropping a bunch of militias extensions on the on the uses in the form of like a Facebook quiz. Right. So interesting approach. Yeah. I would imagine the key lesson. Here is doing a Facebook quiz doesn't need an extension maybe stole it. But they got a whole bunch of people with it something like six fifty three thousand browsers with with the scam. So good on making it work. This is obviously not putting up with that sort of thing, given the current psi. I stock and now we've got a it'll screw up here from go daddy, which impact is kind of like got it depends. How you measure it doesn't like the security impact is probably quite larger. But like the Adleman impact. Now for a whole bunch of people is going to be quite high walk us through this one atom. This. What is pretty stupid so go daddy, apple and Google run infrastructure among people, and they were using a particular piece of software to run for episode with a run some of the plumbing that actually does issuing and it turned out that particular piece of software would issue. Issue certificates with serial numbers that weren't sufficiently random by one whole bit per the spec. Yes..

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