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Shaking and throwing. Along with her failure to seek any kind of medical assistance or medical attention. So it wasn't just a simple accident sleeping accent? When you're in a drug induced, haze, right? So and initially they had to start the first charge was just as posing concealing a corpse with because she wrapped him in plastic and put them in a hole in the backyard. And so that was the original charge. And then you know, when they did the autopsy, and they got all the other information that contradicted her version of events so grand jury yesterday indicted her the mother heaven, plus kion among other things secondary murder. There's also those other charges of manslaughter consumers of human corpse and other ones. She's her bail was revoked in case will be going going to trial one would presume speaking of which the skeletal father and son were sentenced yesterday deemed Scelo, see former state Senate majority leader who was convicted now twice of sending no show jobs for his near dwell, son. Among other things he got four years and three months and the son got four years, so but they're still not in jail or there. Now, most people when they're sent first of all your. Convicted usually you're hauled away. All right. And then you come back from the prison to your your sentencing, and that time counts towards your time served in that window period of time before that in this case they were out free. Hey, okay. Well, we're gonna convict you. But you can go back to your business and come back whenever you feel like then we'll do the sentencing. And then even if that doesn't happen then at sentencing, usually, they they coffee you they take you right away to begin serving your sentence. Immediately. Not in this case. We'll see you around the holidays. So the prosecutors wanted six and a half years dean scales got four four years and three months. Yes. So yes, he can enjoy the holidays. Oh, I don't know if you can actually enjoy them, but he he will surrender supposedly on January eighth unless he tries to pull some sill Sheldon silver thing. The former assembly speaker who still free where they're letting them out pending an appeal, right? So but skeleton sons set to go to jail in early January also one other one other crime story to give you a heads up, especially maybe if you have some elderly relatives in the north greenbush area. Police are investigating two incidents north greenbush. They call them distraction burglaries, it's it's like an old scam. Right. Multiple people come to the door and say, we're from whatever and one one person goes in the pie the homeowner while the other person or persons started rummaging through the place in this case there were two within a little while of each other. I incident happened about five o'clock Tuesday afternoon on Douglas street three white guys come there say we're from the water department, they weren't and they rummage through that house. I guess didn't find anything they did find an and according to a relative to offer like thirty five to forty five thousand dollars worth of cash and jewelry from a second house, which was on winter street extension. This is north greenbush show. Police north greenbush polices a cliff rush Meyer. We'd rather come to. False alarm in that y'all know the power company is one of the one of our water guys. We recognize.