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Who is Kelly Rothwell was last seen on March twelfth twenty eleven after she met, a friend at a local Chili's restaurant in Clearwater. According to tech does Rothwell told that Frenchie planned to end a volatile relationship with her boyfriend, David Perry Rothwell and Perry live together a time in a Gulf boulevard apartment demeaning, your friend, Rothbart reportedly Joe bachelor apartment, but never showed up to meet some other friends later that night. Anyone with information on the case should contact? The sheriff's office a lawyer involved in a high profile cases now facing charges of his own in Pinellas county, John Travolta, who represents Michael Drako was arrested yesterday in Largo for domestic violence battery charges. He's being held without bond into his first appearance. This morning buzz expected to get out of jail on its own recognizance sometime this afternoon. Judge order Trevino to stay of five hundred feet away from his wife the alleged victim in the case Drake is accused of killing more Markey's mcglockton last year during a fight over parking space at Clearwater convenience store during the claims, the shooting was justified under Florida's stand your ground law. Mantey county woman sentenced to. Twenty one months in prison after pleading guilty to defrauding the federal government. Prosecutors say Brayden tins Roselle FitzGerald worked as a title closer at various law firms while at the same time collecting social security disability benefits for which he was not eligible. She's also accused of lying about her employment. Forging checks from law firms and using the ideas of others in connection with the counterfeiter forged checks. In addition to prison time FitzGerald must also pay more than one hundred eighty five thousand dollars in restitution. She pleaded guilty to charges in December Ricco show. Newsradio WFL a. While the university of south Florida will likely name its future. President by the end of next week. A fifteen member search committee will meet to review a full list of applicants next Monday. Or they'll pick at least three finalists for the position. Those candidates will have a series of public interviews with leaders of the university as a week progressives with the first taking place on March. Twentieth. Finals will then interview with USF board of trustees on March twenty second and they hope to select a new president to replace outgoing president Judy Genshaft on that day, the number of countries grounding flights of the Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight plane worldwide continues to grow following Sunday's crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight shortly after taking off outside Addis Ababa, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland ounce. They are grounding flights of the jet today. China Australia and Indonesia were among some of the other countries that already had whoever the US has not a one hundred and fifty eight people were killed on board. Ethiopian Airlines flight when it went down in sports the raise..

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