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I just don't think that it should be messed with I'm sorry I think. There's a I think it's. Breathe Matt. I think it's I. Think it's admirable as we've talked about to be thinking of ways that tennis can be improved and. Probably sped up I. think that is the way. Sports is going the way the world is going, and it would be naive of tennis to think it can resist that I think, but I think the difference between changing the scoring system and changing the speed of play for example. Have you ever watched the federal match and thought this is too long. No you probably haven't because he's quick between points and just the rhythm of the match. Is Fine and. Plenty of other places I've just picked federal because he just came to mind I, but. I just don't think. Completely changing the scoring system. To a point where you don't have to win the last point. That shouldn't be a thing all those matches we relived. The best ones are the ones where it was a struggle for the player to win the final point because you can't run down the clock that is, that is the beauty of tennis. You have to win the final point. Why on Earth Are we trying to get rid of that? I'm sorry I just don't. David you noting along than furiously. But you are remanded. This week tried to claim a seven six love four school line. Seven six love for match abandoned school line as a victory. So you can pipe down. Well come in WHO's won the set there? We didn't did you win the last point? I, can't remember. Because he won the fourth game. Hold on a minute. Let me just for myself. Personally I I think this is the time to to run this sort of thing, so you know if you're going to try stuff out. This is where to try it out and there are. There are two things that I've enjoyed our so this dive in volley from Dustin, Brown, where the TV camera angles manage to get of this. Stuff that I'd never seen before managed to get on the coach in a way that you can, because it's not a normal tournaments and you saw stuff that I really. I enjoyed WANNA see bits. And the only did watch clips, but I can't I. Mean I Miss Tennis, but I'm not watching this really. And I think that that probably says a loss now. That made a lot about just me being a traditional tennis. Fan and follower and reporter. But. I'm not really go. I could be watching this and not really watching it. So I know Murdoch view is well. We're not creating it for you creating it for new audience. And he's claiming percentage of people that are watching it who've never seen it before? Although I should say, he's actually giving out numbers of the people that are watching it until also we don't know what that is a percentage number whether it's got any relevance at all. But I just feel that when you are constantly trying new scoring systems outs, and if you, if you brought that in if you brought lots and lots of different types in I, I would struggle to follow what's going on? I think really I'd like to have a common. Scoring system I think. It's good to have. An option for instance engulf the fact that there is match play, and there is stroke play for an in in in cricket, like one day internationals and five days and I can just about take twenty twenty as well so I think there is room for for different types. Of scoring system within a sport, but when you're changing things to that degree, yeah, it does start to feel like. It just doesn't feel tennis. Really. The shots might be the same but But the rest of not there is actually one reply that we had to your re appeal for questions. Matt's by Arturo. The OSU says despite the initial skepticism there are a number of positives related to you T S successful execution in challenging mid pandemic times. Inclusion of women is a priority in their agenda. Well, yeah, they have added four women tournament to initial one, although it was pretty jarring to see that graphic with about twelve blocks and four women on it. And Great Camera Angles which he says. Are you prepared to it knowledge? There's yes, we are preventing. Anyway, but I still. I still hope that? Tennis can carry on being normal Taras as we used to. Because I think the basically great. Question from Diana, see on twitter at dialogue. What do you think about? The crowd noises audio. What do you think about crowd noise audio at crowd? As much as you said it seemed to atmosphere at the. Events whilst the British one I think she's talking about the backlash Brits. Was a bit to empty septic. That event held the National Tennis Center. They opted not to have official crowd noise on the TV broadcast, and obviously with football number of other sports official crowd noises, being used, or at least being offered an option and a lot of channels you can, you can select whether to have the artificial crowd noise on with football. When football made its return in the UK I was expecting not to once artificial crowd noise because i. just I don't like fake things I don't like. Pretend. But then I watched about a minute and a half if Crowd noise and very promptly and ever since have elected for. Crowd noise and have no regrets about that his. There's some things. Really quite haunting. About the noiseless stadiums that. I. Don't want to to confront. I'm quite happy to allow myself. The concession of living in a slight land of make believe watching sport. During this time, but I don't know whether it, will i. Whether, it will work for tennis I. G You I mean. Big Job for DJ. And and what did you do with this? Because you were talking last week, we were you pointed us in the direction of the test match cricket that was going on and and to listen to that and it had. Quite comforting Oh. It's above in the Bamadoro. Ambient Lord's. Pavilion Noise Not specifically crowd chairing, but just this sort of really low level. Of. Activity and I want to fed into my veins I it playing? I tried to get to sleep. It was yeah, just like a womb blanket. I find a sort of low level football sound to to be preferable passenger, silence, and just hearing lots of block, shouting and swearing. With the tennis with the battles Brits. I pass knee loved the silence because tennis does silence really really well. Wimbledon! Shannon! That's when you can hear a pin drop and you got a rally..

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