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We like as i told you yeah happy pride tim have you met michael before my nice to meet you we met at a race event we're at or something i'm just something some around fox off my facebook a month later sure you come in with some pretty definite opinions with this lady number one the bravery he's big to me as somebody who has a gay person whenever it sees me they go immediately that is i get it you know it's really hard to grow up in tasmania you've got an interesting perspective this is someone who's very genetically close to that woman yes yes i am i am the real in the net that is of special coming out next he really does look like her and tim show for the same auditioning that is that is close to me as you're ever again close that's close when our on netflix as i will shoot i can't just start asking both of you questions about me that only ten with no keep the quote up sorry let's finish this favorite cotton candy okay so let's say if you're going to spread your poison idea's just because it's your right heaps of people are funny piss off those same men cry it's only men by the fucking where people say your shit and then they write their whole new netflix special about some criticism they got from people on twitter like that no actually you guys tough in the fuck up i've had people muttering rape threats from the front row these guys don't know what actual resilient resilience is not rape threats resume action dealing with actual rape you fucking i pick head i never ever want victim blame i mean very seriously i love to do it yeah no one loves it having the preface but i'm saying house rapier i believe unequivocally that is just a fucking i don't think he's ever had somebody mutter or rape prepared in the front yell at the affect that you do like oh you just need to get fucked i bet you that's half and that which is taking his reality are looking at her going you just need to get fucked i don't know if i'm not saying lesbian so face discrimination but it's not how it happens is there a bunch of science getting threatened to be rate is that really the game but you're saying you just gotta get almost sense of she's dealing with a heckler right i'm saying saying she's like why i don't like you or to get fucked yeah i mean above say you're saying that she will manipulate thing i was three saying even even if you should be raped or i hope you get raped that's not a rape threat to has it dude in the front row i mean support lewis line raping someone technically is not a rape threat your guys i think i'm ready and you go the bike it makes more sense than spanish is that what they do fairly mother they just get right boy i tell you we're good ripen auto pick up more jokes you know that's not to right by the opposite direction normally i rape clockwise but on a and who would care nobody would care better special be like listen here's the deal i don't care what you do it doesn't have to make me laugh but my whole thing is why do you have to tell everyone else what comedy is why are you in there listen as far as the judgment on the comedy i i watched maybe four or five minutes but i will say out of the gates the i joke when you see this you know it's a big theater the reactions what pretty much what i would expect it's it's like clapped every said and just like you know the up and down but in early in her thing is just like so growing up in tasmania it was really hard being a lesbian and years like rabbits to your your net flicks special and you're still delivering that fucking should've been great your first year do you comedies bonnie throughout the whole special she's like these funny jokes funny and you like why do you have to keep reiterating that that was such a nice comedy thing when you're being all meta and commenting on your comedies you're doing it yeah now i told louis today i mean this might be all chris hayes i will i will i will open for her she asks sewn everything that you guys said if i have to but i guess this is keri thought you.

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