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WTVN Alison Wyant a. Hilliard police officer is safe today after a drunk driving suspect. Has struck his cruiser the department says that officer Trevor Gill had pulled his cruiser over on the side of I. Two seventy filling out a crash report early yesterday morning. On a suspect hit the gas and men hit, gills vehicle and the process of fleeing the scene the suspect didn't get far he was arrested soon after on suspicion of operating a vehicle while impaired the Franklin county sheriff's. Office adding two new members to, their staff today sheriff Dallas Baldwin said kit and Woody or sworn in as members of the department's canine unit this weekend doubling the number of therapy dogs with the department. The canine, rookies joined Madison Starke who started on the forces four legged division. A little more than a year ago they stayed is issuing four, more provisional licences for medical Marijuana the Ohio department of commerce issues to provisional, licences, for, testing labs, and. To processing facilities so at this point there are nine processors and four, labs that meet minimum. Guidelines set by the state for marijuana infused products are located in Columbus Gibson Berg and streets borough the Commerce Department is still working through four more processor applications the, full rule out of the medical program is expected to be delayed beyond the September. Eighth target and a recent. Ruling in federal bankruptcy court could mean higher energy rates for millions of Ohioans a bankruptcy judge ruled, that first energy solutions was able to opt, out of its share of costs as an owner of.

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