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The the ranch it's interesting yeah you may go full our onumoz all right let's bring it home you've done it i'm gina grad and that's the needs that was the news with gene a grad the two dudes that have ever been in the room with safe here's my top three for most mosque produced by a mess we got the aforementioned dennis off lotta musk us a must yes affair ramones out that guy and you've been with as many ladies what action in that round the great iran jeremy oh sure this out there and then do we have george clinton i think was on love life love line and they all now they're all robust vero man whoever kinda onagain offagain relationship with hygiene who produce a lot of moscow like there's a lot of testosterone coursing and a lot of hair you've got to have you got a big hair you know hooper's lauda musk for not being big guy of the most musk propound lemme for motor oil unrest this whole has all per per ounce yeah was like a a honey badger of must not the biggest but the most ferocious take down of water bison you don't wanna connor lemme the african ame yeah you are do we bring it home he did all right well i'll tell you about tru karma andrew car you want to buy new you wanna buy use you go true car over seven hundred thousand preowned vehicles from over thirteen thousand crew car certified dealers nationwide our own chris maxwell pat or one outcome silver preace with just two hundred miles on it so.

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