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Wing position to the near side of the field. And like you say, Carson escapes out to the flat. And Wilson, who's being chased by Carter Coughlin. Excellent work by Carter Coughlin. Rookie out of Minnesota, undrafted pursuing pursuing Russell Wilson and forcing him to reverse course, forcing the issue. Not allowing him. The thought process with that play is will throw it to the flat. If not, Russell will be able to run it for the first down. Because Carter Coughlin was persistent in his pursuit of Giants Now have the football on the plus side of the field of the Seahawks. 48 I formation with the toy under center. Home in the running back, gets the handoff off left tackle heads up field, and he gets three brought down at the Seahawks 45 Yard line. By Carlos Dunlap. And it's second down, and Giants, who had a total of 51 yards rushing on their first six drives today ran for 77 on the last one. Yeah. But it was the penetration by the Seattle Seahawks defense again, forcing Goldman to make moves behind the line of scrimmage. Excellent individual effort by him to make that move in the backfield, push ahead for even a short game second and seven of the Seahawks 45. No running straight to have a doorman bounces outside of the right 40 35. He's upended across the 35 by shack, Griffin again of 12 1st down Giants. No woman is able to find a crease on the right side. Of his offensive line. That's the open end of the field right of the open end of the formation. The tight end was to the left. Cameron Fleming is able to find a crease in the defensive end. Convert for a first down. 85 Giants inside four minutes to go. Third quarter right hash to Seattle 32 the handoff straight ahead for Goldman bounces outside left 25 at the 20 cuts it inside the 15 Goldman inside the 10 it first and go. Giants is Wayne.

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