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Start with Lowes. Joy Taylor is gonna have more on Jimmy Butler. He's asking for a trade, and we'll have more of that coming up, by the way, I want to throw this out. I just I got a text by a. NFL guy regarding Pete Carroll p Carol through Russell Wilson under the boss after loss on Monday night football. He said Russell Wilson is quote over trying a little bit. Well, yeah. When you're running for your life. If that's over trying I'm going to defend Russell Wilson. NFL source texted me today. And he said, listen when you get to be sixty five years old is a head coach Pete Carroll's at sixty six sixty seven you can you can hear the footsteps that. The owners are looking for the next young guy the next young guy. Tom Coughlin heard this p Carol here's that Pete's trying got a year and a half left on his contract. His last four or five drafts have not been very good Pete feels the footsteps a little bit and he's going to protect his offensive line. Because he drafted those guys. Those guys are part of his last four or five classes the defense. Business spectacular Pete's here in the footsteps, peach. I three drafts with the Seahawks. Remember, he was right out of college. He had a competitive advantage over the league. His first recap classes Kam chancellor, Sherman, Malcolm Smith, golden Tate, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner. Russell wilson. K Jay right since then. Nothing four draught four or five draft classes. He and John Snyder have there's no stars. And so the competitive advantage. He had coming out of college knowing guys because he recruited them out of high school knowing K J, right? Knowing Bobby Wagner, knowing golden Tate. Knowing Russell Oku knowing Bruce Irvin. Knowing Kam chancellor doesn't have an advantage. They're not winning as many games. He I don't remember the last time a coach through a hall of fame quarterback publicly under a bus to the second week in a row. He's criticized Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is not the issue not their problem. The offensive line is ranked on pro football focus, thirty f- receivers. Eighteenth running backs nineteenth. Also Wilson rated fifth Russell's not the issue. And I think peak can kind of hear it. He feels the heat year and a half left on his contract feeling the pressure. But when coaches get older, they feel it. I think Pete feels it. Let me go. Now live to a guy I've talked to over a decade who he'll really give them in. Site on the situation with Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The former Steeler in New York giant via the coward global satellite network. In.

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