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I'm not a good guy. I'm not a bad guy. Next. We have the recent drama with Randy Orton Tomasz O. CIAMPA. Have you, have you? Have you heard anything about this? It was not it was it was? It wasn't that reportedly. VINCIC manage furious about the course. He is because he has no idea of how to be A. Real humor is an what the fuck how to draw an audience to shit. Vince has come out and told Randy that you to work CIAMPA. You better fucking work with CIAMPA and randy goes. Yeah, whatever Vince tells me to do. I'm going to do it. If it's working for to Moscow chop then I'd be all for it. I can help them with a few things. Mainly I can help him get a little more out of his career could. I know he's been plagued with injuries, but I also know he loves her respect his business Let's go. Let's go back a little bit. Basically there was a whole feud going on with with tomato, CIAMPA, and, Randy Orton, and basically randy calling annex. T fucking wrestling school. Going back and forth talking shit about each other's work, I think the wives got involved in wives got involved. AWW, Fun! It was fun. I mean it was all. He's he's. CIAMPA says he says. If I want to put my daughter to sleep. have a watch a random. Rainy your bash. And you know what's funny. I would pay Iranian versus CIAMPA. That's good, ask you. Money and if this is their way of building up pre, because trump is getting called up, right, this is the kind of like the I wouldn't be shocked if the next review ran. We get shop Norton because trump is going to raw chop was called up. That's basically confirmed at this point. A but I think Vincent is really just shut the fuck up my really How does this twitter thing work? My fingers, which by the way whoever thinks that Vincent man really does his own twitter. You're bugging his only social media, Guy but yeah. Radio into muscle chump going through their own twitter drama. The wives got involved. There was A. By the way phone is just a little guys WANNA call wrestling nautical golden, but unbelievable Banter between ordinance shop, but I found it hilarious and entertaining if it was real good shooting ring. I mean it's it's silly and a care is really stupid. There's a rumor going around that Vince. Russo has signed with impact wrestling. No, no, no, no, no stop. Stop I'm not. In this is a legitimate news source. Has Been a rumor that impact has signed Vince Russo as a booker, but the reason I know where go with it because I don't know if it's true, but day day I would know why they're going with it because they're trying to slowly bring back TNA which. You see, Mussa's were walking around with A. Shit like that, so so maybe they want to get a teen guy, but Ryan's so I thought he was. Don't wrestling right. I thought you were done with hated wrestling. Right vents, you know. Do Bro I'm telling you bro Events would have called and said Hey Rousseau I. Need you back in the wwe? Because we need to spice things up, I would sell them Bro. Yeah, you can't do. You can't afford me these days. Bro, but apparently impact can yeah. WHAT THE FUCK IMPACT! You're doing so well as come on. Yeah, you're doing better. He's doing really good lately. signing Galley Vince Russo. You Umbro for all two point. Oh Jesus no, he's. He's going GONNA. Be Jordan! Gray's like flasher. DB'S GONNA show her coo, yeah, the college guys need to watch impact their. To the college guys brody. Got, to bring it back to the springer days, Bro Fuck out here. You know what a listen. It can't be any any fucking ninety. Late two thousands wrestlers are making comebacks. You've got Ken Shamrock Day as well. As well right because. Multiple wrestling sources have come out and said eighty WS newest signees former NWEA TV champion Ricky starks. Read what? What do you think Ricky starks could bring to the e W table because another seen interview guys actually really good. Charismatic kid the rumors that he will be entering. Rojas TNT open challenge in the next couple of weeks. I don't i. don't see him as. Signing or because? He committed, but that's probably committee, but he's not signed because empty side. They'll there go there. Because, they WANNA go to other places, which is respectfully I. Think we start I. Think I I I think he might get that committed deal. I mean I. Don't know I don't know any shows here and there, but nothing could i. don't know because I think he's still a good commodity to have for for anywhere. He left the he's done. He officially part. Officially part a rarely. Yes, that's sad He's actually really good there. he, he cut ties with NWEA just a few weeks ago and now people are saying that he is with aws. You Watch NWEA more than anyone here. What can reconstruct bring to the table? Is He a good mid card champion? Yeah, he has that that look. I love to see him against guys. That keeps Abyan or semi, Guevara. Dhabi Allen. Jungle boy that he has that look and I could talk to, he knows. He's. ticky Spanish to. Think so him blowing up the Puerto, Rican Parisian. But no, he's. He's a real I mean if you've ever seen his matches especially when they had the TV titles, if you guys watching. We had a title and. During this time you have to defend the title in six minutes are goes into like an over tire. It's a great setup. I loved the way that they book that So. Yeah, he he. He's one of those guys fits in the a w mold I think fucking Rybeck already got a big ass work. That actually can work. Ryan cage of this fucking might like the right back to I really up. Arrive Back. Baecker I was right. Backers House arrived back right ricky stocks. It seems like we're going e w all right. For the Rock. Aj Styles has. Responded to the news I came out with two weeks ago. About people basically punk especially coming out, saying that ages styles is is being asked for staying silent on racial injustice. Affair respond to punk. Instead of ages, style states silent was disappointing, which led to everyone thing age. Does Dick I'm a true believer in during these times. If you keep your mouth shut. Don't say anything more power to you. You're not everyone to speak their mind on political things. But ages styles finally reacted to. What's the punk.

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