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That enables overworked people to transition to and succeed in a flexible workplace to that end, Denise helping lead people to the meaningful work of their dreams and this episode you will discover the why moment that led denise along a journey to help others get more enjoyment and fulfillment out of work. She also describes how work today which sixty six percent of US find somewhat to very meaningless, can be reimagined to make us healthy. We spoke with Denise Bruder earlier this week on sue. Denise Bruder welcome to the tightrope. How are you I'm doing well today. It's a little hot outside ready, but we'll salter through. We'll do this. We will, and we have an older houses. One's on air conditionings were all hugging the same zone. Oh my goodness! Well, let's get to it. You are the founder of sway workplace. What is that and what is your mission? So, sweet workplace is a community of people that are mastering flexible work, and what are intended is way is to bring together people professionals that are intent on working smarter and not harder and together we see the collective tool as being that of flexibility, because if you can adopt a flexible mindset, no way working. We think that is the ultimate way of finding balance in life, which allows you to find meaning in work, which is also another way a future proofing your career. So, how do you do that? How do you get people to thrive doing the work that they do want to enjoy doing? I think big way that we do it. Is You know if you were to boil down our product platform? It is a learning and development solution set some dates recognizable, and within our learning development solution. We offer a lot of skills, training and techniques, so you can learn something, and you can learn technique to develop something, and you have our community, which is a space to grow, and that to me is the ultimate former progress, but the greatest thing that we actually look at and private is the idea of helping. People see that there's another way being. There's another way of looking at yourself and how you approach work, and it is the idea of helping people. Break the feeling of Nur Sha. So this is always the way we've worked as always. We've done it always. We are thought to seeing the light that they you do options and how you see yourself and how you approach work, and how you evolve, so a lot of that is actually is the flexible mindset which we think will lead to a sense of the dougherty and was judy. You have the ultimate tool to finding purpose amounts. So I got to the why question. How did you get to sway workplace and I guess by extension. What's your origin story into discovering this path that I am taking to towards helping people get to meaningful work. A lot of times when you find something that is very purposeful for you. It oftentimes feels like a bit of a life long mission. I would say that for me, so I grew up in a small town in the west of Ireland and Irish people and Arlen as a culture have had a very long history of immigration over centuries it always centered around work or the absence of work, and then when you had worked value in work so for me..

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