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Media empire from him it's a it's a nice reimagining of king lear started bitter which is a novel about dysfunctional families but an t colleague could francesca giacobbe and she managed to write your light this andrea she managed to write this novel while also working in the f t newsroom which i think is a triumph of cloth balance and drive is there anything on your book shelves at the moment always fool and the books that i read for fun they are usually in german but there's one author with an englishman he recently wrote the book nineteen thirty eight you should help me with the name now he wrote a book the dischord fatherland harris is actually one of my favorites read quite a lot of his novels because it shows how close the role of detective or enquiring police officer is to the role of historian so you have to have a problem that is maybe a crime then you investigated you have to make you this is what could be responsible for this frame and then going into the fact you have to see it in much broader picture and that you have to correct your reporting all the time so it's a kind of learning of criminal listrik nestles in order to historically research and his latest book thirty eight were very short story about how the munich agreement between great britain and france with hitler's germany on occupying czechoslovakia in september nineteen thirty eight how you can look at it from various perspectives from british one from the german one from the czech one and and so on that's fascinating very much.

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