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Doc might be on lenox three dot x maybe you'll be able to get christine on that the really try on i don't know if those succeed but they're really trying to make it as widespread as possible and we've already seen them try and it took a long time for android apps and they're still a lot of devices that don't support the google play store so some were skeptical of all this whole christina stuff and i get that but in we'll say they're trying so kevin we've discussed this if we didn't stop me but various because there's no we've always had so much to say in life that said there's various android apps that just aren't working well for me on the chromebook start with skype it just feels like it's going through twenty five layers and and it's not working well whereas skype on my android tablet is good same with that flicks same with showtime to go on the these apps juster are flaky and is that what your experience you know to be honest jeff they absolutely used for injured on my pixelbook aren't streaming or media apps i tended to use the browser for those i can only give you a guess on what the issue may or may not be here these may have something to do with the fact that android is running in a container just like accces for pristinely and i know with lenox they don't they don't support hardware acceleration yet they don't even sports sound like i think they announced they're gonna have gp you support they're going to have it but they don't yet i just i.

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