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Frank and Boston are you there in Beantown? Yes. And Dr Gorka. Good. Thanks so much for taking the call. I really appreciate it. And it's honor to talk to you. I see on FOX all the time. And you're doing such a great job. Thank y'all informed. Keeping us informed. What facts and not the fake news that every other media outlet has try. We try. You know, even at work. I looked at Bloomberg all day for my news and stuff on my stocks and even on Bloomberg. It's just full of fake news to which is sad. That's really that's really true. Blue book has has really fallen. I mean, just one two three years ago. It was decent. And it's like the finance the only newspaper. I liked was the financial times, and even they have gone anti-trump. It's just crazy. So anyway, you wanted to talk about today's news Frank. Yeah. I'm just curious. Obviously, I watch Hannity almost every day and Tucker, and and judge you judge Janine, and etc. Smaller investigation. I mean, it just keeps going on and on. And unfortunately, you know, this witch hunt that just in very concerned that even if it's fake they're still gonna come up with something on our beloved president. I mean comfort us that. We're not going down that road in the whole world is going to be, you know, it was going to be some major pressure on us on the Trump side that you know, it's gonna take a long time to unravel, and then we'll be in twenty twenty and that'll be his big negative reelection, look Frank. I appreciate the concern. I'm getting this a lot today. People aren't sure what's happening. Then they don't understand what what this whole thing with Roger stone is I have the twenty four page indictment. They used to arrest him in my hand. I have read it. Let me tell you as a person who was in the Oval Office. Office two years ago when the president said to me. He said to me, there's nobody else in the room with regards to Mullah. He said they will find nothing because there is nothing and look at what Mola has done every single charge. Every indictment has nothing to do with the president and the Russian collusion allegation. Zilch. Nothing. Even today. What do we have? Let's go down the list, we have pulled Manafort who has been convicted of wire fraud when he didn't disclose he was working for a foreign government, which wasn't Russia. It was the Ukraine twelve years ago. Paul Manafort didn't stop working for the president until twenty sixteen and he worked for the president for six weeks. So they get him on a wire fraud. Then we have general Mike Flynn who I worked for in the presidential transition team. What do they get him on miss? Remembering the details of a phone conversation. He had when he was on vacation with the Russian ambassador. The contents of that conversation were utterly legal that we wanted help when the president was sworn in to stop an anti Israeli UN motion. And he asked him would you assist us potentially in that vote in the United Nations and Mike Flynn misremembered that he'd mentioned that on the phone call which the FBI had been given the transcript of because they were spying on Mike Flynn, and he was caught in a perjury trap. Which is exactly what happened today with Roger sto, Roger stone. And I can I'm going to read it right now. I mean, this is this is so important. So let let me let me tell you what they charged Roger stone with today. He made multiple false statements to the house permanent select committee on intelligence regarding his interactions with WikiLeaks. That's why they're banging his daughter down at five AM with twenty nine agents carrying guns and wearing body armor because he said in his congressional testimony. I didn't contact WikiLeaks. It's not contacting WikiLeaks isn't illegal. No, he denied he did on this one testimony to the house. So what do they do when they find his emails in which he was actually in contact with WikiLeaks? They map him on a perjury charge that you said you hadn't. But you had who cares? What are we talking about? Mass murderer that charge of perjury would not have existed if Robert Muller hadn't been made special counsel by his body. Rod Rosenstein, look, I'm not a lawyer. But I've read the indictment. Let's listen to a lawyer. Let's listen to one of the most famous lawyers not in America. But in the world, this is Alan Dershowitz, not exactly a conservative, by the way who today had this to say about the Rochester New arrest cut one. Well, I've read the indictment, and it's a typical Muller indictment. Very. Very heavy on stories stories involving collusion and WikiLeaks. But the indictment itself all relates to obstruction of Justice tampering of this is another words crimes that occurred. As a result of the investigation. This is typical of Muller. He has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed special counsel. This potent line. There is crimes that occurred only as a result of the Mueller probe nothing to do with the election campaign, nothing to do with Donald Trump and Blatty may Putin crimes that are process crimes. This is why Donald Trump will never ever be vulnerable to this probe because there was no collusion. Frank, really important question. The thank you for letting me elucidate what what this is all about it. Let's go to California. Let's go to line three Jake in California. Drake. Jay, hello. You're on national radio. Are you doing today? Very well. Yeah. I was I was thinking since the we know the democrat never going to be pretty with Trump. It's actually gave them. Thank wandering. We know the minute. He. Breaking up. You're breaking up. You're breaking up. I can see why you called. I've got the call screener material. Here you said that the Democrats are not going to give him what he wants off two three weeks. And then he should try it in the courts, we've done it before I was in the White House when they tried to block house with regards to the travel ban. What happened we took it all the way, we took it all the way to supreme court and guess who won Donald Trump one. We don't have the time. I don't believe that taking it all the way through the courts is the right move now because the border security is an issue today. We had that vice president for the border patrol council on last week. You said what in his sector alone? They apprehended four hundred illegal aliens in one night. So the president needs to use his national emergency powers. If Democrats.

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