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WCBS news time one fourteen let's get to the Pittsburgh police department down where they're updating us on the situation these officers the police officers injuries at this time or non-life threatening. The other individuals are critical and serious in nature. They were taken to three of the level one level two trauma centers here in the city of Pittsburgh that being y'all gained general UPN safe and UPS, you UPS press B and UPS mercy. At this time. I'd like to say that we have established a phone number. With the assistance of the FBI for any questions from victims families that number is four one two four three two four four zero zero. Once again, it's four one two four three two four four zero zero victims assistance and reunification center has been set up at Chatham college on Chatham campus at berry hall at one zero six berry street, we will have grief counselors there as well as the Red Cross please allow about half hour for the final plans on establishment. That's center. However, there are individuals working to have it up and running as soon as possible. A further brief press conference will be held at the county emergency operation center at four PM this afternoon of which the elected officials and first responders will give you as well as the FBI. We'll give you an update. At this time, this is being considered a federal violation and the primary investigative agency will be the Federal Bureau investigation. I would like to personally thank the many first responders that had responded to this incident today to include the Pittsburgh bureau, far, Pittsburgh bureau place, EMS, allegany county, police and FBI ATF and numerous others that I don't even I can't even count. How many first responders.

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