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Right. Jury. Welcome back to the show brash. It's great to be back. Thanks had fun time. As you win. We did lucky six looking forward to the same for Valley Forge the threat. So you got a new book out Valley Forge now this is interesting. It's just like an iconic moment in American revolutionary history. I think all of us has seen the the painting of Washington praying. We'll talk about that you're in a bit. But what got you thinking about valley? Forge in writing writing the history of this event in such great detail. Frankly, it was a family affair believe it or not I have a twenty year old twenty one year old is twenty one now son Liam Antoine with hyphen and his mother's French and Liam one has been is a dual citizen. He's been bilingual since infancy. He's in university of the UK now speaks for different languages, but one Daggs was six or seven years ago. He was thirteen or fourteen we're down on my wife's house outside of Philadelphia for holiday was Christmas. And I heard this kerfluffle. In the next room in the TV room. And I went as I was walking towards my son is kinda stopping out. I said what's wrong, son? And he said, my wife's brother had made a crack about the United States bailing France at a two world wars and my son shot back at him. Oh, yeah. If it wasn't for the marquee Lafayette in the French army, you'd be Canada right now, there wouldn't even be United States. And not only was I proud of my early team. Some for standing up to this forty year old man Brennan was like a light bulb off over my head off yet during the revolution. What a great book. And so I got a hold of my co author Tom clay when we both agree. We are just finishing up our red club book, the heart of everything that is we had already committed to the World War Two book six six but Lafayette was in the queue he was next online. And of course, as we were working on lucky six the inestimable, Sarah Val, terrific writer. She came out with her book Lafayette in this somewhat. United States so alas there goes that idea down the tubes. What's find something else? But Tom stopped me. Tom Clave, my co author and he said hold on a second. I just been doing some perfunctory research on laugh at what do you know about valley? Forge and I kind of answer at an ice was what most Americans learned in civics class or social studies or if grade history. A lot of freezing half naked men starving to death. And as you put it kind of Washington in the portrait's, he's sitting on a big white horse watching them store today. And and Tom said there, I think there might be a lot more to that winter of seventeen seventy seven seven seven eight than meets the eye that most Americans know about so by this time, I done a little research on my own and this was three February's ago. Two thousand fifteen I made an appointment with the park service's chief Valley Forge his story. And Brad I spent the day with Mitro Valley Forge and we did a walking tour for the entire day. And what I learned just in that day when I got home. I was so excited at coke live. And I said we have a book we have a book. No one no American knows the half of what was going on. If alley fork. So that's how the concept came about. So to speak a love it started with your son. Fantastic. We'll get want. In fact, I you we used to you'll see on the book. We it says contemporaneous materials materials never used before. We hired my son to go into the French archives. And find out some stuff that's been in..

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