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All we're holding on by lead as family. I mean, we're Middle Eastern Ivy to make sure the three girls aren't devastated. The rest of life and drinking a bottle of wine at night. Just numb my self to go to bad my teammates. Cut down the memorial service. People reached out I've had awesome people around me couldn't have more support still massively depressed, and and that has hack, and I always on my mind equals one night. And. If you know every going say that you need off. But we need you. Areas. Now, he's the dude again, I mean, I'm not going to be able to play complication. I, you know, coming off a ruptured achilles. I didn't really have this day. I've had two hundred sixty pound haven't touched a way of football anything. And here he's saying this team can't survive without you. You need to get your asset. Curves that book. And the connection that we had to have him to do that. And it resonated with me. And I went to my wife. I said, I think he's like I need it. They need me. We can't finish right now. Unless we do this and d'oro credit like most any good thing. That's out the life. She full. She let me go. Now, I'm a handful amongst the move from the most van third so fun, but dorm room by myself trying spending my days kind of on elliptical by trying to way everybody's tiptoeing around me. They don't know what to say we didn't have the same services. Now Thurs, you know, sports, psychologists and mental health experts. So I'm trying to figure out depression on my own, and I'm crying myself asleep, and that here's their dorm room next door and the pollen storm with Ben, you know, sheep, Rockwall and mock art. And result. And he's got bigger Genesis ninety four plug in his life. He would spend all night and never snow. Here's the guys getting ready to have really coming out party and his team. He played good at the end of the year before you know, all good the ball back in Bill. I'm basing our relationships. They know this the good thing. And and he just showed me to this. I so people that not can take me off. I can take him off. But I jump in front of John Kamara without when she because of what he did for me and my family and. And I panicked cry. When I get the sport. But you know, I always say he thinks I badgered all these things he'll gone back. Traffic batteries storyteller. I'm not exaggerating a lot. I don't know if we would've I don't know if I was in a place where I could have done it any longer without that. And I think that's what shape so much who I am now. So I'm saying big in the connection time so big authenticity on so big a truth telling and so they're going to make faith, and it's on so big into things that are way way way treetop type that really matters in life because I experienced in the most raw level in that period of life. Like that was really well said, and it's a story that I would encourage a lot of people to read more about two and knowing getting to know you after the fact, and and knowing all these things, and how genuine they are. It's it's reason why I've always liked as much as I have. There's one or two more questions than I do wanna ask. And I'd like to make it a little lighter in that is as much fun as going home to San Francisco was and I know how important Alex Smith is to you. And even the arguments you and I've had about Alex Smith was Cleveland and even bigger fucking disaster than we knew from the outside. Oh, man. I actually my wife is is like the one thing we argue about all the types of this day. I thought it was great..

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