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Okay we can cut this no Liz circle back. We're GONNA. We're, GONNA keep. You gotta go. The People Preamble Hooker to say last time we did these we did a series and our series was sick and this series. It's better just to say our series music. And this series. Directors yes. Film directors specifically, specifically kind of other directors I dunno television refer newsradio creative. Creative directors happy. Life is a lot of pot is who have fought is longer. So Olivia you pick, did director in order to have a discussion? Yeah, with me of all people. Thank you for the honour your way. I always I always pick you to have a conversation. Got To be blushing. yeah, do you want me to say who it is I would please live. WHO's your icon? Okay? The person I want to talk about is wait before you say that actually you have to say what they We actually told each other. Who are icons were before. Knows no I forgot Oh. Okay. I picked Noah Baumbach, all yeah. Lord. That's that's the reaction. I wanted to hear Oh lord here. We go so Olivia. I ask you the question that. Often you're the Daska guest. When did you first realize this prison? Was that I got to you. Okay I would like to I, would like to go back to my original point, which is often times on this show. People pick someone. Who is like? Is is like. I don't know I feel like sometimes we will pick people, and we will get into this position not to get like Meta about the show, but like we'll be position where someone is like so passionate about someone that we can't like. it's hard to be objective. It's hard to be objective, and it's hard to be like. No, I. Don't think that person is an icon because you're like sitting literally right next to them, and it's like lung but like I think no someone who is like right. On the precipice and like could go either way. Just in the mid until I just wanted to like talk about him. I wanted to kind of like explore our thoughts especially now because he's just so classically like. Like like an arty white boy in at a I'm where I think we are maybe kind of turning away from that culturally and so so that's kind of the groundwork from which I'm operating, okay but to answer your other question i. think either. The first time I really like got into him was When I saw Francis Ha. So a little late in the game, yes, I was a rolling her eyes right now. I was rolling. Her is the first time I saw. Frances Ha. I. This is the first movie that I fell asleep to in theater. Is the first movie I was shocked. I. What I say. Supposedly. Okay and then I had to watch it again and I was like I get it. You Talk to me about your finances. Haas story my. Story is that it was like the girls got one. Listen if you went to specifically. Francis came out like right when we got to Nyu. So I saw France Ha in a nearly empty theater. IFC AT IFC center like a week after moving to New York and so I was really like. Oh, well feeling it, yes, of course, and then I think I kind of worked backwards, and I think that like some of his movies are really great and I think some of them are a piece of shit, and then I think I think people are really like. into like how him and Greta 's whole like. Psychosis. Yeah exactly, and there's also like some juicy dirt to talk about with Noah. Because well, we can get into it. You can get into it very sure, but let's talk about the work I sort of where we start. Yes, so you saw Frances. Ha and you're like. My Dude, my dude. Yes, I was like my dude, and then I was like oh! Greta did a lot of that words. That kind of like Mars like the Francis Hive everything but. I think I went backwards in. You know squid in the way all kind of a great movie. Kicking and screaming, which is actually my favorite? Have you seen kicking and screaming? A has nuking screaming? Okay, so kicking and screaming to me is kind of like a perfect Noah Baumbach movie, because absolutely nothing happens and. White people complaining the whole time. There's no like. The at no point. Is he trying to like pretend? It's anything other than that grant ever trying to be like Oh like this is a movie like. About something more, it's like like marriage. Story is great like it's I think it's because the best ones are all the really like personal ones I can't watch like. Meyrowitz stories like that doesn't feel about a mistress. America I hate it. That movie I miss so boring and like. I think it's like poorly written, and it doesn't really have a point. Wow, didn't you just say you liked with? No, but. Here's the thing. Is that like I? There are there is a difference to me between like a movie, not having a point in a movie, being kind of like purposefully less okay, which is what kicking and screaming is kicking. His screaming is about the period of your life after college. Where you don't know what's going to happen, and you just sit instead of taking any action. Yeah, and so the fact that the movie just sits makes perfect sense.

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