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Your joints healthy you keep your muscles healthy you keep ligaments healthy exercise well that's what they're doing they're exercising or over exercising there's a lot of inflammation that takes hold in this whole scenario and omega threes act on those inflammatory processes that can really make the difference in in in in how healthy those joints remain going can do that and of course you mentioned on the vitamin d three and they are combined obviously in rescue twelve fifty plus and we'll talk a little bit about glycol marine and how the use of twelve fifty plus and glycol marine both help preserve and restore joint mobility and that should help people make exercise or yard work or any kind of physical activity should be easier if you're if you're supplementing with with both of those and you know i witnessed this over the many many years of practice and and most people who don't know about natural supplements take anti inflammatories for joint pain they take antiinflammatories when they get a headache they take anti inflammatories for almost every possible reason and anti inflammatories really play a devastating role on the integrity of our stomach leading to alzheimer's and gastritis and and and kidney disease because it affects the kidney so be cautious know what you're taking and know what the side effects are but when you have something natural like rescue glycol marine it's this superior multifunctional health supplement which helps actually not only in the acute setting but in the chronic setting of either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis it's extracted from the new england muscle of the the green lipped mussel which is a special muscle and it is produced in in such a regimented away and and and make sure that it's all pure and and and and its potency but it helps reduce inflammation it helps both any type of arthritic condition but it also helps lubricate the joint and contains these molecules that helped the.

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