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The collision we're still waiting on the identity of the sixty four year old man everyone just agree though he was on a scooter a motorized scooter going across that he was disabled ands people here are very charged by that because they say it could have been anyone who was hit by the speeding cars they say that there's people speeding here all the time and they're not surprised this happened Samantha leaf and ten ten wins live in Harlem would use time five oh five a Manhattan mom is still searching for the engagement ring she lost somewhere around Central Park and pass gay Talese ten ten when she was at Billy Johnson playground when she took the ring off to put sunscreen on her fifteen month old son he says you didn't realize until she got home to the ring and fallen out of her pocket I am so dedicated and out and just over a week I left my ring on Thursday June twenty seventh and like the next week okay so shot get it back sh and now it's been a little bit longer and I'm just like I'm not ready to give up but it's getting a lot harder to stay as been putting up posters in searching every inch of her path that day she's hoping to get the special piece of jewelry back in time for her anniversary tomorrow we posted a photo of the missing ring at ten ten wins dot com thank you weather says partly to mostly cloudy tonight going down to sixty nine we could see a shower or two across the New Jersey suburbs in the morning otherwise.

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