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Episode. We've been waiting to do this special saved by the bell themed episode, and we have the perfect guest for it. We have the perfect guest, the perfect location. The only thing bringing it down is the hosts. Okay. Our guest today th April Richardson, the host of go base. I us. Hi. How about saved by the bell? You've really you deep. Yeah, I did a critical deconstruction of every episode including the two movies. Yes. I was just listening to the one about the Las Vegas movie. I watched it recently and it is the worst thing of ours thing that ever happened and it just so and all of their movies. They always like still, they don't have laugh tracks, but they have laughed moments. They and they don't have. They sometimes had weird noises the cartoon like boy, you're supposed to laugh Cam all around with -ception of a studio audience knowing than they would do single Cam movies, and then they're just like feature length with like to the Cam idea. Yes. Oud. Yes, delay really rough yet. You're you wanted to make a podcast that asks the question even more who is this for? Because as we do this one, We're we're like. like. And then yours is even more suitable when I did it. It was entirely as goof, just because I love I genuinely on my own time still watching me. Truly, I have like the. Before streaming. So I was like, I used to just talk about it on my own time, and my friends would be like, I don't want to talk about this. You need to find another outlet in. So it was totally a goof. Like I had Howard Howard Kremer was just over at my house. I like, will you help me figure out how to do this? And then I just did it that basically it became more successful than anything else. I'm actually proud. Yeah. So I just think because so many people our age in this very specific age window, everyone knows what the show is. Yeah, so we've all watched it so much. I mean, we were thinking about this before we came here, but like, what? What is it about that show that really hits home? I don't know. I'd never stopped watching it even even now I'll watch this because I love it feels like great. I don't even remember like I remember being like fourteen and being like, I think this is bad, but I can't stop watching it like, I don't know what it is. I don't think this is like the jokes are not for me..

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