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We want to see around the world to understand who we are from those talks. We bring you speakers and ideas. That will surprise. You just don't know what you're gonna find challenge you which we have the acts ourselves like why no worthy and even change you. I literally feel like i'm different. I do you feel that way. Ideas worth spreading from ted and npr. I'm a newsom roti and let's say you have a big idea that used thank would make a great ted talk. How do you get a chance to give a talk on the ted stage. If you're not a world renowned expert like say the founder of behavioral economics we really should think of happiness as a substitute for welby or a pioneer in primatology. we find capable of true compassion and altruism were of former vice president turned. Climate advocates are solving this crisis for any from anywhere with a big idea to give a talk and one way is through. Ted's idea search. it's an international. Call out where people can submit a video with their idea to head the i b. I wanted to share about the importance of teaching kids. How to play again. My title is that huma can't be taught creating more access an equity into our education time. Believe my story can impact so many people be efficient. Create inference with. I need to be at the ted global stage. Lots of ideas and a team of curator's at ted sift through all those submissions to choose which ones they think that you need to hear and so today on the show the person who leads this massive global search. Ted curator khloe shasha were khloe welcoming. You're having even. I'm so happy you're here. I've gotten to hang out with you at conferences and things like that but a lot of people don't necessarily know you because you are behind the scenes you run the idea search which you're actually in the middle of doing right now can. Can you give us a sense of what that process is like like if someone has an idea. How is this a way of getting it on the ted stage so with each idea search we basically just put out this call applications and we try to reach as many people's possible and you know we kind of ask the basic questions you'd expect like what is your talk idea. What are your main takeaways for the audience. And why you like. Why should we hear from you on this idea. And then each applicant is asked to make a two minute video as a part of their application to pitch their idea and then when the submissions close a team of us goes through these applications and select some winners and those people get to give talks either virtually or in person. How many submissions do you get every year so we get usually a couple thousand three idea searches and those are are organized in a limited amount of time so there's usually a month and a half or two months to submit but then you're around. We have our speaker nomination form open and so we get over twenty five thousand of those nominations every year through that form twenty-five thousand. I mean that is a lot of applications to go through a lot. But why do this then. Why not just pick and choose the people that you want to have on the stage. Why go through this process and these thousands and thousands of submissions is our team of curators. Is it's our job to have us on the ground in a wide range of fields. But it's really hard to sign new voices who aren't already being recognized in some form so these ideas searches are way for us to get new ideas on our radar from people everywhere. Let's dive into the first talk that you have brought us that has been sourced By this process is from a nigerian. Political comedian and journalist at yola firestone and sheet is just hilarious and biting in her criticism of a lot of people. Let's hear a bit from audio la. What's up people first of all. I cannot believe i'm on tedtalk. This is a big deal because right now everybody in my villages watching this and so of course my bride price just went up you know. I grew up believing the africa continent as a giant. We've got skills intellectuals natural resources money than any other continent but without good leaders where like an eagle has no idea. It could fly. Let alone sewer. I've forgot is like slipping. John's not the truth is i'm trying to work this giant and that's why i add the dirty laundry of those in charge of the politicians religious leaders with huge respect because modern anything else african leaders love to build. But ted so i give it to them induces on my show. I know them. I call them my uncles. My aunties my father's in the law. And then i salts them for insulting our intelligence and it's because we are tired of the hypocrisy and false promises god who doesn't love audio. She's so full of energy. Tell us all about her. Yeah so idealist talk is called. Africa is a sleeping giant. I'm trying to wake up. And it was a part of our virtual ted twenty twenty event in this talk. She kind of did a little mini version of what she does on a youtube channel that she has called keeping it real with eddie ola. And on this this youtube channel she typically puts out a couple of videos per week where she talks about mostly african news with this sort of political satire approach and the way she describes her channel is that she is bringing you african news with lots of flavors and spices to make you laugh out loud while learning about current events which feels very accurate so his audio a big deal in nigeria or on youtube or is are you the ones who kind of discovered her in some way. Yeah so she has more than four hundred eighty thousand youtube subscribers so she definitely has a big following. But i'm not sure we would have found her you know. We may not be the target demographic for her channel the sense that she really is targeting people who live in africa and the african diaspora around the world. So i think it was exciting to be able to to find someone who is so strong in her background journalism and so funny with her with her ability to to make live comedy like this for example. The president vowed to end medical tourism by fixing a dilapidated hospitals and building us new ones. Well what did he do. He's been three months recipient treatments and london and twenty seventeen. We were without incident for three months. We went president-elect three months so then it becomes my job to call out the president with respect. Of course i said mr president is your girl.

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