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The state's economy continues to grow though, it's moving a much slower pace these days. New numbers also indicate the economy in Worcester. Still growing as well the Worcester economic index increased by a little more than three percent in the fourth quarter last year assumption college, professor Thomas White says at part of the state is also slowing down a little bit slower than what we saw in twenty eighteen reasons for the slowdown are coming primarily from the recent poor performances. Yes. And p five hundred over the last few months of two thousand eighteen. Well, as tightening monetary conditions from the Federal Reserve raising interest rate that index monitoring conditions in Worcester. Now going for years, strong, General Electric, find out the hard way that breaking promises costs a lot of money. The boston. Based company owes France fifty seven million dollars for falling far short in meeting. Hiring goals in a deal. Swung to get regulatory approval of its multibillion dollar merger with energy giant Alstom. Power is costly for GE. It's taken a six billion dollar hit to restructure the division. Sending ten thousand to the unemployment line last year alone on Wall Street this morning, looking ahead to the opening bell. Things are beginning to flat line moderate a little bit. The Dow is down about twenty points. SNP NASDAQ struggling to get to even ahead of the opening bell and coming up on WBZ this morning, Republicans erupt in cheers, many times over Democrats mostly silence during the state of the union. Deb Lawler with details. Coming up next. It's six twenty seven. There were smoking sections on airplanes restaurants, and then gradually it got to be where it wasn't anywhere. It's not part of the social norm anymore. It's not accepted. This summer, and there wasn't a single person smoking, even in my own home. I had my own designated space to smoke. I think about it. It really was punishing myself. It was really offended mine that said why wouldn't you just try the jewel? Okay. I'll try it. And so I went out and bought one the idea of going back to smoking is it couldn't even imagine doing that. I just don't enjoy it anymore. I don't think anyone including myself thought that I could switch. Caroline made the switch October twenty sixteen make switch at jewel dot com. That's J U L dot com. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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