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The governor says he expects them to reopen soon I would expect additional announcements hopefully was sometime in the next week our owners we've spoken with say they've had plenty of time to get ready to open safely I think it's important that you show your customers that you're providing a safe environment for them and if they don't you'll comfortable they're not gonna come in anyway re computer news ninety six point five W. DPO American red cross is asking for help catching up on blood supplies is called the nineteen concerns slow regular donations Jan Hale with the red cross promises a clean safe environment our staff get their temperature checked everyone has masks on we are wiping down any donor touched area and donors will get a free T. shirt while supplies last you today one of our OPD officers has tested positive for Kevin nineteen that's Orlando mayor buddy Dyer in the last hour according to OPD the officer did not display any symptoms and is now on a fourteen day self isolation this is only the second officer at OPD to test positive the department is utilizing personal protective equipment when on call your county sheriff John meetup picks up three endorsements from members of Congress he picks up three prominent Democrats from Orlando congresswoman Val Demings congresswoman Stephanie Murphy and congressman Darren Soto Deming says she's no Nina for twenty five years and worked with him when she was at the Orlando police department she says the sheriff's office treat citizens with dignity and respect under media congresswoman Stephanie Murphy says under me another county seen a decrease in crime and juvenile arrests and increasing.

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