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Will remember him from show weeded in two thousand seventeen about our fears of climate apocalypse, his Jeff number one planet change. Number two, the old house. You know that there's a gray FOX that hangs out at night there. You know, the possum, you know, the raccoon, you know, the birds I've been worrying about what will happen to the creatures in the yard. If I have to sell and can I have a contract with a buyer, which basically says you can't change anything in the yard, which I don't think is something you can do. Number three, the new house. In buying a new house. We're essentially saying we believe in the future of Florida in a climate change scenario. I just was at the new place and using the broom that I found there and the cap on the end of the stick of the broom which happened to be hollow was off and inside was a whole family of tree frogs. Number four my health. Currently my uniform is I have a long-sleeve sweatshirt and these dark gloves, and then these dark pants and these dark shoes. And so I don't know if the neighbor thinks, maybe it's the German Neil ISM exercise. But basically, I go out there that way because anytime I don't, you know, even things like with steriods, sometimes I can't be sure of how it's going to react with the stuff on my skin to begin with. Five fascism. Six cockroaches. When I was in Fiji grew up in Fiji. Because my parents are in the peace corps. There was a kind of cockroach that would burrow into your ear while you were sleeping, and then you would wake up to these. Crunching sounds. I try very hard. Not to cause any harm to any living thing is I'm walking about in the world. But I I find it very hard to be generous towards cockroaches. Seven two ordinary to be afraid of your cat dying. He's been the subject of a lot of my novels. The giant bear in born that flies is based in part on Neo because these massive shoulders, and one reason why we're fairly sure we're not gonna have another cat it. I don't think we can go through it again. But also because Neo is pretty much the one. Number eight. Aid is just this general kind of fear of should I be doing something else? You know, I I'm a writer. I'm kind of cynical about whether writing can actually change the world. It's a pity is by you know, you meet someone at dinner party who turns out to be very conservative and turns out they listen to the Sex, Pistols. So clearly that didn't make any impact on their belief system. Number nine showing new fiction to my wife. Anne. She is the one person who if she hates it. It's gonna just kinda destroy me. I guess related to that. There's this fear with ten that. You're just not good enough. You're just not good enough for what you're trying to do. My name is Jeff Vandermeer, and these are ten things that scare me. The ten things includes Amy Pearl Daniel game at Sarah sampack, Emily, teen polish human, Melissa -chusetts music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know, it scares me. That sometimes YouTube suggestions make me look, really bad. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten things podcasts dot org. September nineteenth mid afternoon. The resident blue Jay gang who helps alert me to any cat or snake or hawk situation. The backyard. I now they're gonna stop talking. Wow. Belly was coming down right in front of me. The buck butter. I don't think again, get an audio on this. But it was really an amazing fellow. Kind of ridiculous standing right here in just feet away. There's squid pecker a couple of Carolina Wrens cardinal. They have no spec left for me. Or something. Actually, I did learn from this book higher supposed to walk when you're birds and be non-threatening. I seem to have a chief. Ten things scammy is a new podcast from WNYC studios on the media dot org to find out why you can listen.

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Jeff Vandermeer, Isaac Jones, NEO discussed on On The Media

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