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I don't know sexual preference. It's like people are inspiring people, and they have names. And that's who they are. They are their name what they do is something else. And it was just it was all very organic. You know, I asked Lana Lana then asked her wife, and, you know, then I reached out to milk milk was is Dan Donnegan who used to work at Marc Jacobs. He has his boyfriend James Whiteside is the Valerie not in a so it's like everything sort of moved in a very fluid fluid way. And it kind of grew you know, like we asked one person, and then they ask their lover or their boyfriend or their friend one. Last little personal note was with the granite looking. Well, you know, originally, it's on you know, what it was a perfect manicure last night. And then one nail chipped and has been polishing. So I stopped biting them. So I mean a two weeks. Go ahead read, then I had purple for a couple of days, but that shipped really quickly, and then I had a blue metallic, which was really nice but last night one ship, and once it ships, then I just sit and pick it all off. So now, it's a crappy manicure, and I'll have to go back to Jin soon and have it all redone, and I think I'm gonna go for green next week. What does it taste like to keep you from fighting doesn't taste? I mean, I don't I don't taste it policy is with the glitter in the nail polish. I find it. So mesmerizing to look at that. I don't I just look at my now, look your. I'm like, ooh, they're pretty. Yeah. Go on my Instagram. You can keep up with my car. Vacation vacation, oh, actually going to Brazil. What am I talking about going to present an award to Kate moss? Amfar beautiful my different Ardia friend Naomi will and Kate will be there, and I'm going through Sao Paulo too. I was supposed to say that. I think they wanted to do a press release about whatever too bad too. Brazil, of course, been to Brazil. Just how real. Yeah. So I'm going to I'm going with Charlie my boyfriend and with Lorenzo who, you know, very well, and we're going on the eighth of April to Rio and then to the fifteenth Sao Paulo. A little bit of vacation. And then a little bit of just enough. Yes, you'll have baton glowing guest fun kissed just the time. Right. Hopefully, you will have a fabulous Medicare. I will for sure have a fabulous manicure, especially if it's hand and right? Well, thank you, Mark. It's a lovely talking to you. Thank you for you on Drake. Thank you. All right. The vote podcasts reduction of vogue magazine recorded here at one World Trade Center and produced by Nagai Mohammadi, and he'll pick sound engineering by David Lauren's and hosted by me. Please be sure to go to the store and subscribe to the vote podcast..

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