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Says stupidest and worst. I've ever seen like you gonNA literally waste your money and time literally poorest movie ever seen by Mon Daham. That's like that's a high level insult right less poorest movie it is not worse than the most recent Godzilla I will put life. This is actually good. Oh Yeah Yes yes. I'm just saying that if you seen that. Let's let that guy see that I and then rewrite is review and if he likes that one more than this one then then he's just wrong true so That's a so I I enjoyed it up to. I enjoyed it up to one. If that's what it it was called is it just called it typically. I enjoyed both of them. I can't tell you what I thought of the original TV movie. 'cause I don't think really sorry all the way through did you. You Know No. I'll probably did at the time but maybe not. It was a mini series kind of beloved just on over two nights. It was one of those things like chuck to one up to Tim. Curry played pennywise. And it's kind of a conic. People love it. John boy was the main guy. Yeah I've seen clips of it and it always seems a bit like I mean maybe what to watch it when it came out to really enjoy it. Yeah but I think if we're honest we don't have any higher level. Writing going on just different style of performances is different kinds of Siegi. Different pacing obviously different budget. You know what I mean but still not any better. It's still this. This creature thing with your mind lives off of your fear for all eternity will keep you in some sort of weird suspended animation and keep you terrified. Is that right like. He's getting the his sustenance from your fear. Yeah exactly like the Husk of you is left or whatever whatever see. I don't even fully understand the thing. I have to read the book but I don't really another thing I'd mention about this movie which I didn't cover as the bully from the first movie how he goes to to prison and then he turns up in this one. It's almost pointless it's very pointless it's like Oh yeah. I didn't like that one at all. Yes I mean really goes nowhere and it's just there's another thing to to jump you instead of you is this guy and there's no explanation for why nobody still we'll have him on the hook or is a driver in the car. While the driver is the kid that they ended up killing died but it also goes bag. Goes nowhere if that guy had been pursuing them with Zombie. Look yes the whole time. They at least that would have been better. I mean there's one show of pissed off that you killed him. Yeah I guess in the car and then the camera pans over and you see the Zombie driver I was like. That's a good visual. Let's keep this going and that never had never see him again. Yeah so yeah. I don't know what that was about. It was weird so I think it was just like because that was a thing in the AH is apparently more of a thing in TV special. He didn't really need it in it so I wouldn't have bothered. It's all yeah. I agree so extras on the folk. There are a lot actually. There's a documentary called the summer of it. Chapter One and chapter have to so. It's a two hour documentary that covers both movies because there wasn't actually a full documentary on the first one. It's actually all in a separate. Yeah probably right disc so it's like a feature length there's also the meaning of the losers club now. The meeting of the losers club is officially begun feature at anyways lives again and finding the headlights and also commentary by the director which I will listen to a school. I can listen to a three hour country like a podcast. So yeah. There are a bunch of extras. If you're on an fan you want to see how both of these movies were made. And this is the distal get. There's also a a noticed online. There's a twin pack where you get both movies on the bonus it features so if you never got the first one. The twin pack is like twenty five bucks for both movies. So maybe that's the way to go because I do think it would make a good double bill. So that is it chopped to to. I think we both enjoyed it. Yeah Fair even though we did have a low criticizing but what would review review be without some criticizing correct as Alexander Hamilton competition. Who can kiss the ass of the movie more that will be what it would be Detroit? Maddening criticisms on as Alexandra. Neil said all you want to do is criticize. So you don't know is no well so thanks to one of the fall. The copy for review next week we are looking at the ninth film by Quentin Tarintino. Once upon a time in Hollywood fun of Taunting you are fiction percent there ninety percent my I bottoms. You have not liked every single movie. Don't pretend there has been one movie. I wasn't particularly fond of all of the movies movies. There's like ten nine this this will be the ninth. There's only nine you've only seen eight. So one out of eight is usually a higher percentage than tastefully that I didn't particularly like you like the It wasn't that when he didn't like you didn't like the other one with the joker in it the joke. Yeah Oh that was pulled on Sanderson. No I think I think I think I'm pretty much fun so now. Now there's only the hateful eight and I would not. I liked it but I won't watch it again because once you know it is to force hinges on you. Not Knowing what's going to happen it feels like a really long stage play. It's literally all in one room it's And if you know what's going to happen already I don't think he's as much fun like but anyway the Ninth Never Watch Star Wars again then different thing because it's not a three hour like talkie thing you know but you find out something about somebody's father other. I mean once you've seen that I didn't say the names that somebody somebody alright so Miami recommendations I go some recommendations based on this movie I would recommend you the first chapter of this movie. Obviously I'm stranger things because this obviously feels a bit like stranger things impacts the kids on bikes doing something owned by Saba teachers. Yes yes I mean. It doesn't feel I- stranger interesting because stranger things came last. It feels more like what over films from the really right so they could really say stranger. Things copies copies Australian openings copied from everything from business and stand by all of those things right every move and yeah all those movies I have one. We say something is like stranger. Things is not is more like all those movies from the eighties too. So Yeah I'll recommend you those two in my nar Dr Stand by me. Would you've already covered recommend. It's a group of kids dealing with something terrible and you know and another one where children are involved all but not really. It's like a horrible concept is Indiana Jones and the temple of doom because all the children have been kidnapped. This other woman Yes and screaming Steven King Steven Steven King Steven Steven Steven Spielberg in his wife. I forget her name Kathryn. Something throughout the whole thing which is my least favorite part but a really liked that one and it is about children in being used as part of a horrible plot so he s also Steven Spielberg responsible for everything. That stranger things is if you think about in all those movies he made in the is the reason stranger things exist isn't all those guys who may change things they said like washed all the moves in the as and we. You just touched budget. Altogether into a thing. Ambassador came then follows things Scott it. So that's our recommendations ascoli stuff. I wanted to mention that we saw the trailer for the new ghostbusters ghostbusters. Afterlife and sit. We'll tell you what she fath it and I think she liked it. I did what did you say to me. Oh I don't remember like I was like like oh I remember what you said but I say you said there was the trailer unfolds right and about halfway through the trailer. Paul road is says to the kids. Oh that's cool replica. And he picks up a ghost trap from ghostbusters. And you said I Shiva just went down. I was like oh the trailer also didn't destroy. Make you think of stranger things. Also I mean it was going for that vibrate kids. Yes yeah. We're supposed to be made a lot of money off a stranger things and offline and off of stand by me and so it's not a strange phenomenon metal sudden you'd see more movies like this emerging no and install gic of it. I think cited. It looked good. I mean actually you know. I often watch a trailer for a movie and think it looks. Okay actually was. If you said to me at the end of the trailer you WanNa Watch it. Now buy a ticket. I would instantly by much so I don't and I did not and I have not seen the other. Most reason ghostbusters movie. I felt like when I saw that trailer. I mean seriously you like what are they doing it. I've not seen it until I'm looking for some reason because I inside but I didn't hear anything about it and I just watched what's the trailer and seriously in like the first ten seconds I was like what are they doing I hate over the top wacky. Dumbness Shakila of it. And that's immediately how I felt now. It could not be that but it has put me off watching. It is quite clear that this new is not from the trailer. The it's it's not it's like A. It's more serious close encounters of the third kind type of vibe to it and it also as Carrie coon is the mother. There is one of my favorites. So that's a good. That's a good bonus so yeah we also watched this week's episode of the Monday Laurean. I I thought this was one of my favorite ones. It was like a heist. A school in the men delorean sitting in a tree. Kiss I do yeah. You're so in love with this week unless I said to you. It reminded me of like a really good doctor who episode which is not enough and that was that's a crazy high praise indeed it was like contained..

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