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Least five passengers and more than 35 crew members. Health authorities also fear the M S rolled. Ahmanson may have spread the virus to dozens of villages along Norway's western coast. It's currently docked in Trump, so the company also suspended two other ships in the region. Government says they will begin banning ships with more than 100 passengers from docking in its harbors. CBS News correspondent Lisa Matteo Is New York Prosecutors continue their efforts to obtain President Trump's tax returns there, giving new hints says to the large scope of their investigation. More on that from CBS News correspondent Steve Futterman the Manhattan D A. Cyrus Vance Jr urge the court to reject attempts by the president to block a subpoena for Mr Trump's tax returns. In court five lanes, Vance said the returns are needed to show what the D a called extensive and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump Organization. Vance said his probe is not limited to the so called hush money payments by Mr Trump to two women. Vance's comments suggest he is looking into a broad range of allegations aimed at the president and his business. Steve Futterman, CBS NEWS CAME Alexa News. Time by 30 for this week's primary election is already record breaking, not in the sheer number of voters showing up, but in the way they're voting. Michael Calhoun, probably close to 70,000 absentee ballots have been cast already, which is By far a record ST Louis County's Democratic director of elections, Eric Face says Normally, absentee votes are a good indication of Election Day. But in June, a massive 45% of total votes were via absentee. He's forecasting a routine 25% turnout for this week. New equipment means that ST Louis County voters can show up so whatever polling place they'd like Michael Calhoun. ST Louis is news radio KMOX. The ST Louis police officer shot and injured last night will make a full recovery. But the ST Louis Police Officers Association is concerned with six officers being shot since just June 1st. Game. Alexis Marie Akina has those details. Most of these.

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