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Hi i'm imron ahmed founder and ceo of the business of fashion and welcome to the b o f podcast today on the boft podcast we go inside the global refugee crisis speaking to ahmed khan a financier and philanthropist who's been working in the refugee space for several years now and chinchin yeah produced the film human flow alongside that reknowned chinese artist highway way i invited them to voice his 2017 to speak to us about the global refugee crisis and i'm happy to share this talk with you today voices is the most stimulating gathering of fashion industry leaders on the planet what makes voices different is that we mixed our industry with fascinating people from other sectors from the worlds of economics activism health and wellness madison film philanthropy technology media and so many more fashion doesn't live in a bubble and nor should it this is one of the sessions from our 2017 gathering so if you like this talk pleased to save the date and look out for more information on business a fashioncomforwardvoices from all the details just a quick note this conversations recorded live in front of an audience so please excuse any audio issues so this might not me the most obvious topic to begin a fashion industry conference but the as i said in the introduction the reason we decided to put this issue front and center is because it is one of the greatest challenges fast facing our our our planet today.

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