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ABC news anchor Harvey Weinstein sentenced in New York today to twenty three years in prison ABC's Erica Turkey is outside the courthouse in New York City Harvey Weinstein headed all prosecutors said he walked the red carpet and mingled with the stars but they said he also instilled fear got drunk on power and committed acts of sexual assault with complete abandon wind Steen was convicted of forcing oral sex on Marion Haley who said that Weinstein appeared to lack remorse the judge handed down a sentence of twenty three years in state prison at a second criminal case against Weinstein is pending in California another day another Wall Street plunge the Dow right now is down one thousand twenty four points we reserve a corona virus economic slowdown continuing to weigh on stocks this is new clusters of coronavirus are popping up Virginia announcing nine positive cases doctor living in peak is the epidemiologist for Virginia to are associated with the department of defense one in Quantico and one in Spotsylvania county in Kansas city Missouri mayor Quinton Lucas says the city will go ahead with the St Patrick's day parade as well as the big twelve basketball tournament but also urging folks over sixty to stay home we have been fortunate thus far in Kansas city to not have more cases and we don't want to see is that high volume of increases now more than a thousand coronavirus cases in the U. S. at least thirty people have died it was a big primary night for Joe Biden taking at least four of the six states up for grabs Tuesday convincing wins for Joe Biden Mississippi Missouri Idaho and Michigan we are step close to restoring decency dignity and honor to the White House that's our only by taking a triple digit lead over Bernie Sanders in the delegate count the big states of Florida Illinois Ohio and Arizona coming up next week Ribeiro A. B. C. news Cleveland Bernie Sanders as one North Dakota so called fire house caucus update on Wall Street the Dow down a thousand forty seven points you're listening to ABC news Arizona is a news station KTA are on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR news app your breaking news and traffic now it's nine oh two I'm Bob McLean here's our top story Arizona votes Sunday night's democratic presidential debate in Phoenix will be unlike any other high level debate we've ever seen KTA ours Jim crosses live at the new center yeah Bob Democratic National Committee made the call no audience no media insiders on a federal theatre coronavirus concerns valid political consultant Chuck Coughlin is with high Greitens tank is getting fuller and fuller so the opportunity for a stumble with a live audience and distractions and others becomes less problematic for the Biden campaign and you can hear the the debate live here Sunday evening starting at five on KCRA are one of the new center John cross KTAR news a new poll shows senator Martha McSally trailing Democrat mark Kelly by seven points in the race for the seat she's currently holding Mike noble with low wage predictive insights says his poll had Kelly with just a three point lead in December but McSally still has time while there are few undecided voters in the Senate race a quarter of likely voters do not have an opinion of mark Kelly giving team excel in opening the fine the first time candidate Kelly has a nearly thirty point lead with independence and a ninety percent support within his own party level possibly as well as corona virus fears continue the pac twelve men's basketball tournament tips off today in Las Vegas the conference says adjustments are being made to help keep fans athletes and staff safe Arizona state men's basketball head coach Bobby Hurley told Arizona.

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