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Lee Miramar, Cooper City, Davie Weston discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


And thunderstorms on six standoff the rate are higher Lee Miramar very heavy rain there further to the north looks like parts of Cooper city and Davie Weston getting in on the action light rain in fort Lauderdale and the kind of Peters out as you get into the northern reaches of Palm Beach county it is five thirty one both the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning will take the ice in the NHL playoffs this year NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says two cities will host games one of the east one of the west date still unknown things or while being rapidly and when we decide on locations we wanted to be on the best available information at the time that we need to make that determination Florida cities made the shortlist of potential sites Panthers will play a best of five series against the New York Islanders and governor on the sector's plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling which would allow Florida's experiments to vote without paying all fees owed the court says it's unconstitutional for the state require experiments to pay on affordable court fees fines and restitution in order to vote but the judge ruled ex felons can be forced to repay cost they can afford before casting ballots zoo Miami is roaring back to life gates will open a borrowed of members with online reservations the general public being allowed to return on Monday if they pre purchased tickets face masks are required to pass city will be limited and certain experiences like animal feeding rides and playgrounds will remain closed.

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