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But like when, you know for a fact that there is some much better way to do them that is already being done and that what could really be helpful would be for some diligent, careful people to like learn about that. Like let the diligent careful people do it right, and go do something else because there's this tough line to walk with like you have a vision for a new kind of car that seems successful, but also there's the logistical problem of building it like like that's hard man like. That's like, that's the hard stuff. So don't pile on like unrelated unnecessary, hard problems like that just seems crazy. And you just genuinely don't see anybody else acting like that, right. It's interesting, but I feel as if there's something to be said that that craziness and the fact that no one else is doing it is actually part of Elon Musk and therefore Tesla's appeal like their stock price has gone up somewhat over the last week or so. And there are many people who are big fans of this purely because we don't see it. You know, purely because you know, I've seen ten cook, speak, and you know, it's not riveting. But you know, it's the kind of thing that you're like, oh, you know, he runs a company, Elon Musk going on a podcast and smoking a blunt, and again, not inhaling like that's something you do not see. And I think that there is this notion that we have where something being different. Is interesting and it just, you know, that's just how people work. But I also think that that in itself, at this point, Elon Musk could not become Tim cook. That is not going to happen because part of what Elon Musk is best at is being Elon Musk. Then I think that that's an interesting challenge to be so inherently linked, not with just a company, but with a style of doing things that this is kind of baked in now and there's nothing really the board can do about it. There's nothing really people around him can do about it because it both works and doesn't work. And I think that that's a fascinating challenge. I am not an organizational sociologist, but I think that, oh, I mean, I'm not organizational sociologist, but I realized that this is in fact another ration- of the max paper thing that that Nike coming back to you on Friday weeds about charismatic, bureaucratic leadership, like it's not wholly implausible for an. Institution that is built around a charismatic leader to transition to bureaucratic leadership. It is a difficult problem and this is, you know, I know that there are people who have spent their careers working on this and who could probably talk about some trends of organizations that successfully make that leap. But it is very obvious that it requires a willingness to not be a as medical organization anymore, right? Like you need to have an understanding collectively that you want view organization to continue to persist after the person who started it. No longer is there or no longer exists or something like that, and that there's a certain amount of kind of conscious culture building that needs to happen and also a greater tolerance for the things that are going to make it less efficient for that person to get what they want because what they want is not what the company is there to serve anymore. I don't know that it is fully baked into the cake that tesla cannot survive without Elon Musk. I think that we have seen. Look, it would have been very easy for apple when it was rebuilt under, you know, the return of Steve Jobs to be a Steve Jobs Centric enterprise, maybe a little bit less easy because it had existed as a company without him before, but they're really work questions, went him cooked took over for jobs of lake weather. Apple could continue in the way it has and wilder questions about whether he's been as good. There hasn't been like, oh, apple is dead now because apple raised Steve Jobs. So it's possible, but it's difficult and it requires accepting that you're gonna piss off the person at the heart of the organization. I mean, like as reclined is not Elon Musk at all. One of the key differences between as rainy Lon musk is that when you guys started a website as RA was perfectly willing to not be the person making all the decisions..

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