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Celebration in Golden Gate park work city officials fenced off hippie hill have police patrols to prevent gatherings during the corona virus epidemic reports say there were no impromptu gatherings there or in other public places like ocean beach or Delores park one San Francisco cannabis dispensary tried to encourage home celebrations of four twenty by emphasizing online delivery California lawmakers in the meantime held their first in person hearing and more than a month and it's accountability that is on their minds here's correspondent Jim Roope it was the state assembly budget subcommittee meeting on Monday for Republican William Breaux went right to why governor Newsom entered into a one billion dollar contract with what some of called a questionable Chinese mask manufacturer and not invested in the state I know for a fact that their sale companies leotard companies local alterations in my district that are making mass right now in these businesses could have used a boost other lawmakers are asking where the two billion dollars that has been spent so far has gone for the resources purchased of gone and why he needs five billion more gym group Los Angeles Facebook has released a new map that tracks corona virus symptoms symptoms by county by county it's partnering with the a Carnegie Mellon University researchers to get data from people who have self reported cove in nineteen symptoms and opt into the survey the information is updated daily Facebook says more than one million people responded to the survey in the first two weeks alone some business he was here with an update on your money markets the Dow is later by five thirty six nasdaq off three oh five S..

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