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The ivory telling rokon that this storm system expected to cause problems all night he says it's coming in from the west so there should be plenty of time to clear out that musicfest before the area gets pounded now doppler radar is are tracking a strong thunderstorm right at this moment over lindan herships moving northeast it thirty miles an hour locations in package right now include gurney antiac fox lake in wadsworth the garish chicago airport will soon have a new customs and border patrol facility who years after the airport extended its main runway jerry chicago international was hoping their new buildings will bring more travellers since they won't have to stop somewhere else clear customs chairman stephen maize says they've gotten all all of the necessary desired approvals from the government in a now looking for construction management firm for the project i'm ponco wgn use a nineteen year old northside woman who has a mild learning disability is missing ariana hernandez last seen wednesday night around thirty nine hundred block of north merrimack she's hispanic with a medium complexion brown hair brown eyes five six weighing about one hundred twenty pounds police are asking for the public's help in finding her the white house responding to the wall street journal report this special counsel robert muller hasn't panel the grand jury to investigate russia's interference in the election white house special counsel tuykov said he is unaware that a grand jury has been in panelled and special counsel by muller's investigation into russia's possible collusion with the trump campaign it's a signal though that the investigation is ramping up cub added though that they're in favor of anything that accelerates the conclusion of mr moller's work and he added the white house is fully cooperating with the investigation newly released transcripts show that president trump had tense talks just after his inauguration with leaders of mexico and australia both us allies the washington post publishing those documents in which mr trump pressures mexico's president to stop saying that his country won't pay for the wall as trump had promised transcript also show him complaining to the president of australia about a refuge e deal as crazy and president trump says.

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