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Drag as you said. There were a couple people saw of day say descent dan on t._v. In you gonna be lucky enough to be one of them but now you've got evaluate. The entire implications of that seems like a lot to put on a twenty three year old actor. It's also superfluid right. You're by the way that that episode of buster. Non reads like a documentary to me like a real of stories of kashmir actors and <hes> and it's funny that people ask about the twenty four episode a lot because that was one of those where i'm like just psyched to play a character whose such an adult human being you know this because the comedy space sort of our thing like you're playing a likable nice guy so often like give me an asshole. I wanna play a despicable human being yeah but that conversation about whether to do accent with ira barbara was actually very helpful to me at the first movie did did this movie. Van wilder with ryan reynolds right first movie. I did a couple of years after college so you know andrew panay yeah. There's one of my yet miss it. I i had a blast making that movie. <hes> laura barbara caymans assists. It called me a lot that we were playing. This added the same agent so we'll be both unaware married to kristen bell. We're one step away from that so laura called me and said hey. I've got this amazing audition for you. I'm so excited headed. It's the supporting lead in a movie. You have to come to the office. I need to talk to you about the script and you know this office. In traffic from westwood is like a two hour scenario dario each way so i said why don't you just leave it at the dropbox and i'll pick it up tonight. Tell me what the character is at. I'm reading for just emailed me some of the sides and she doesn't. I want to talk to you about it. I'm i'm so excited. It is supporting lead in a teen comedy now. I'm excited semi some of the sides. What's the name of the character does just please just come in. Just just come in this went back and forth and i was like i promise you i will come in. Just tell me the name the character and send me some sites 'cause okay. <hes> the name of the character is taj mahal and she called me back and she goes honey. I figured you might do that yeah. I i study theater nor move out here to u._c._l._a. To play a guy named taj mahal fake the opportunity knocking and she he said i really need you understand that. This is a big deal. This is a supporting lead in studio comedy with ryan reynolds. Who's on two guys a girl and a pizza place. <hes> <music> will one day be dead pool and tara reid. Who's in american pie and you need to audition for this movie because if you get it then i'll be able to pitch you for a different caliber of projects that i currently cannot pitching for because you don't have those credits on your resume yeah and she said please just read the script so i read the script and yes it was phenomenally stereotypical who had a you know sort of exaggerated accent and lusting lusting after white girls who he couldn't get sort of every stirred up in the book also interestingly every stereotype of just being an eighteen year old male <hes> oversexed oversexed can't think things with dick like stereotype of that right yeah then i start realizing that the plot doesn't advance absent this character character so this question this goes back to sort of the accident conversation wealth times think it's kind of reductionist but so i'm not gonna play a cabdriver. I don't wanna play store clerk right well. Then you get into this weird territory of are we just saying that because they're working class jobs or do you actually mean that there's something one dimensional about the portrayal the historic portrayal of these roles or that they don't advance the plot of the film or the character doesn't have an arc. There's nothing for them to do right so i called laura back when we had this conversation with her and with barbara about like well this is really interesting because as i remember it being less about me being personally offended at these stereotypes ryan and more about me feeling incredibly bored by them shar right and there wasn't a ton of comedy for you to do. It was lazy comedy. Yes that's interesting. Yeah you could have been more offended by the the cheapness of the joke as opposed to the racial implications locations exactly right it was both and i remember calling one of the casting exact shoes v._p._n. N._b._c. this twenty years ago now. This woman named sewn unicor. She she happened to be indian-american and happened to be in the castle department at n._b._c. and i had had a general meeting with her a few hours prior and she said you know if you ever have any questions feel free to give me a call and i thought i am very conscious. Ships that to your point about african american actors. You're always being told you have to choose something based on an entire group of people <hes> and i thought maybe she would have some insight insight into this this role and so i called her and said there's a script and i told her everything that that taj mahal you call back so look doc. Barbara is absolutely right with everything she said businesswise. If you get a role like this one hundred percent she can pitch you for things that she just can't get you in the room for right now pilots and it's no secret secret that any woman any any performer of color has to have ten times more credits on the resume just out yeah so yeah so yes. She's being honest with you about that. How many things in the script offended offended you or did you find cringe-worthy like i don't know like thirty off the road number to start with anything in the script actually funny and i was like oh yeah like there's a thomas stuff like this back. It's lit on fire kind of phone this woman superintendent but he screws it up but it like goes beyond its very animal house esque in that regard okay so that part of it excites. You took out yeah like if his name was phil and he was from des moines and i could go out for this. That'd be super excited yeah yeah so she goes okay. Here's what you do pick ten of the thirty things and if you get that part sit down with the writers and the director and talk to them about those ten do things but in order to do that you have to come up with ten things that are funnier than what the writers came. You gotta replace it. Yeah you got. That was the first time that anybody nobody told me that. I had any agency in these conversations on all right because up until that point it was just a fight about. I don't wanna do this accent. You have to do the accent you know the horrible experience on sabrina the teenage witch. I remember a high or so mean and so like you're doing that accent. That's hard to do but i love your show. Ooh didn't matter so went through the audition process. The last audition i remember i walked into the waiting or minute was another guy. I was like all right. I wonder if this dude got the same aim feelings as i do if like see his stage name like his deal does he feel comfortable with all this and i walk into the waiting room and it was a white dude and brown face. Was it me it was not law but i was not shocked so wants wants his. I had seen it a ton in auditions before that and i've seen it a ton since that right again. Not interrupt your flow but i when when i say that you were a part of a different error. This is really the minimally. That's not how dare i never seen bill time. I have seen it happen was just over a decade ago slightly over a decade ago where i saw on a show. I was working. Okay which is five minutes ago looks at yes so the reason i say that as we like to think these things are leaps and bounds separated from mud even look even some of our friends have done them on counsels. There are screwing just admit that embarrassingly in two thousand three when we filmed it which came out in two thousand four. There's a scene in without a paddle where someone's gotta laser the scope and then i get up and they're like you've doubt on your forehead in. I immediately indian accent in the script and i did it. I thought that was i was proud of myself that i thought i did a good. Yes azure yes because i had heard it on this totally. Obviously it wouldn't do that today and obviously embarrassed. The bad happened but it happened. I was twenty eight in fuck. I did it and that was my first movie and i would have shifted my hands and eating on camera if they were to let me take your perfectly teeing up it was about to say which was my beef if was not with the guy in the waiting room is never with the other actor. At least this is what i believe. I was mostly fascinated. This brother who had at home did he drive. I have to audition with if so hold over three did did he do it in the bathroom. Did he come early. Go to all of the three casting sessions before in brown did his agent tell them to do. It didn't come up with the ear it so we're just having a conversation it's even using is that standard may salaam and learn really nice guy but i told myself when i saw that that he was not allowed to get that part right any of the conversations that are had with myself about the thirty thirty things or the conversation with sony about ten funny things that i could come up with or feeling like i hate that. I need to have those conversations at all because i just want to be funny all went out the window via. When i saw this dude embrace it was like no you are not allowed to have this and so i'm like i am going to do whatever i have to get this part. You don't get that credit on your resume. I want that credit monitoring addition pilots next year because i did this movie right and in addition like ryan is an incredibly funny guy. Oh oh yeah andrew was awesome. Director walt becker was really fun. It was a great improvisational room where we had fun and look. I think for a a younger generation of performers of color who are listening to this. They are cringing and rolling the ri- going. You're such an old man apologised <hes> a movie like that i get it out of that position and i am not going to fight you on it. Yes but i'm sharing my experience which was at that time. This is something that was was a a real thing that you need a credit on your resume to get work rate so when when harold in galway castle came around i was at a birthday party for a mutual friend john. It's an hayden schlossberg or the two guys who created the franchise and roll three movies and are hilarious. <hes> of mutual friend introduced us and jon hurwitz came up to me and said whoa you don't have an indian indian accent and it was the most off-putting thing right. You're at a buddy's birthday party in l._a. Yes i'm deuce bag is like in indian accent and i remember saying something like while you you do sound like an asshole yeah and what it meant was your so hilarious and van wilder. I'm a screenwriter. I wrote this movie called herald and corn go to white castle but the one of the leads is kit from new jersey..

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