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Here's Danny burger Joining us now to discuss his Janet movie investment director at Bruin dolphin So there had been this idea that tech was immune to some of the supply chain issues Should there be more concern about tech and being less immune to some of these supply chain constraints than originally assumed I think it does raise some concern over the sector But generally the tech sector is still one of the better sectors to be positioned amid this high inflation pressure I think investors are right to be worried about inflation There's increasing signs that this is going to last longer than what transitory originally means And I think that there is a supply issue that affects the supply of goods But actually if you look at the demand side of things it remains pretty strong looking across the number of surveys and the actual data like retail sales consumer that's still spending So there's this desire to spend about it's just not getting the goods because the container ships are stuck somewhere So what we do believe that this advertising problem that some of these tech guys are facing is likely to be temporary Once that supply chain concerns gradually dissipate So that could be an overreaction from investors in terms of the share share prices reaction for example Here more conversations like this one on Bloomberg television streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile app Or check your local cable listings is budget leading with the Chancellor's pledge to kill Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day Dot com the blue book business app Quick take This is a Bloomberg business plan From Bloomberg's European headquarters in the City of London on lower right with this Bloomberg radio business But shall we heard over the weekend Janet Yellen speaking to CNN So I think herk and son and inflation will persist until the second half of 2022 and believing that the debt ceiling should be increased U.S. benchmark ten year treasury yielding 1.659% also Facebook kicking off the tech Titan earnings aftermarket today Francis haugen the.

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