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In the digestive track micronutrient panels in twenty four hour hormone assessments that usually what we get when they come in in an insider clinic we have three different kinds of heart rate variability we have eeg brain neuro scans that we do we do a whole bunch of sentiments on attic system connected tissues fullbody thermometer fees so we get the get i'd like to look under the hood and i'd like to have the most tool to look under the hood because i'm not i'm just looking for where the holes in the bucket are and in used to try to get into the balancing all the biochemistry one one one by the time they were done there on hundred fifty supplements any work sometimes but supplements aren't magic being either so by the time somebody is is pretty in deep in chronic disease that can absorb a lot of things can't detox a lot of things which is why kinda went to technology the navy there's faster better ways to do it but the assessment is is really looking seeing what's working what isn't working in what working system is the week is that of those 'cause you're for your hashimoto's will call that immune system condition but it's also enter consistent conditions also digestive condition so we have to look at every single one of those systems in we find out which just are the weakest and then i'm lazy just go with the system that's the weakest and i'll get the most bang for the buck gotcha so you've mentioned technology a couple times and i know that like me you're big fan of using technology to improve health impossible so i'd love to hear some of the examples of how you are doing this office so normally when somebody will just take chronic disease for example so again i come from a long lineage migrate five signs fair project was on carlights muscle testing so like my mom was nursing professor this is how we kind of were raised to deal with supplementation into kind of look these innovative technologies would come up and so i started incorporating when i was in medical school in portland it was lovely because portland is kinda like a hobby of alternative medicines every weekend somebody would come in like a circus toning way so you get you get a pretty good look technology in i went over to europe time at times win over to germany and different places in kind of found the best that would work north america and brought it back and saw the at the base we're just trying to get energy in salads and stuff away from connective tissue if i could say things about chronic disease it's get the stuff out and start to get my two conroy to produce energy however you wanna do that if you accomplish those things than biology kinda will take care of itself so in the clinic we do kalanick's do all that we also do tons of high altitude oxygen training we have laser we do tons of pulse electromagnetic fields because we're just trying to get energy produced in the south so we need oxygen thyroid hormone glucose in some electrons so the oxygen will do blood ozone therapy or high altitude oxygen therapies for the electrons will be tons of the post electromagnetic therapies about three or four different kinds in to get the steph out we end up doing tons of using the machines use sti lynch stars in colonic hydrotherapy in lots of visual manipulation so i mean every there's probably twenty five different machines that we end up using but they'll get based on what is the biggest need as far as what happens if the assessment so it's it's individualized medicine at its best because we're finding what doesn't work we're giving the patient lots information because you don't wanna be patient i would say you wanna be a participant in your house before you become a patient because patient by that time there's things you have to do and you wanna know just in the show should do so you never become a patient on i think on that technology is absolutely wonderful these dan's is even though it's not that engrained in medicine yet you can find out a lot of information ten fifteen years before you get pathologically and you can certainly get performance a lot better when you know how your cells in hell you're nutrient levels are where were there today instead.

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