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Were in a special session on other issues opponents have until july second to appeal former trump campaign chair paul manafort is in a virginia jail if he'll stay there until his trial on money laundering bank fraud and now witness tampering charges that had a judge revoked his bail cases related to the russia investigation but not to the trump campaign cbs's ed o'keefe says it still doesn't help the president manafort was a critical component of the campaign in a very important time they were trying to shore up support from delegates to the republican national convention manafort was one of fewer than ten veteran republican operatives in the country who even understood how the process worked and so he was lucky to have them frankly the president can try to disassociate himself now but at the time he was intimately involved in all of the operations the campaign there's been a rise in immigration arrests in southern california they've tripled between two thousand sixteen and twenty seventeen reporter chris holmstrom is in los angeles where some people are trying to push back this is breaking up more families that's creating more children in the foster dineh skamania is with the coalition for humane immigrant rights she says their goal is to get people out of the shadows and teach them about the rights especially when it comes to ice always tell people what say things still sign things and just seek to lawyer through education she's hoping more families we'll stay together the retaliation for president trump's tariffs on chinese imports has been swift beijing announcing thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs on us goods including soybeans lecture cars whiskey act early end is an analyst to china policy consultancy they've done their calculations it'd been preparing for years they've looked through different scenarios especially they've gone through the history of japan and the plaza accord back in the nineteen eighties and they have tried to cover the loopholes like their overseas investment the drums have been beating in chicago the chant of no more guns during the first stop of the road to change to her students from south florida's marjory stoneman douglas high school calling for stricter gun laws and hope to register young people to vote in the fall midterms the students plan to make twenty stops.

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