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Absolutely absolutely did i know the kids word that stole drugs yes i absolutely no those kids were because i would pull them to the side and talk to them you know 'cause you you you not trap kids and the kids who are potential addicts you know the difference the thing is when i worked at dead predominantly white school you know these kids weren't potential attics lot of them weren't addicts so big added big at it right but the thing is they push you know the police in the criminal justice system in our neighborhood as if our illicit drug use or or the things that we do are any different than what they do out there in the suburbs and in the country that's not that's why the opioid crisis is an opioid crisis and the crack epidemic warranted a world drugs the opioid crisis warrants treatment opioid victims excuse me opioid opioid folks who od get narking for free from their local sheriff's department and they get sent to rehab wouldn't crackheads give whitney greg is you jail let me ask you this though do you feel like in all honesty that for african americans who are introduced to various drugs you're introduced to it you get hooked to it there's a need for you don't have the means to obtain it and it's almost like this your pipeline to additional crime that follows based off of your new addiction to something that you've been introduced to while someone of a different race can be introduced drugs and they have the means to continue to purchase it but they don't have some of the additional crime not all they don't have some of the additional crime that follows because they crime and poverty go hand in hand so even if it's not drugs and you're just poor right.

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