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And we'll encourage you to check out recent shows featuring well the very recently academy awarded allison janney or sam rockwell and we just i just dropped two and a half hours a bill hater so spin on that won't you or the longest on camera interview elon musk has given also able to you and of course hero and friend ricky ray ease for those who give good goddamn and i hope you do because we're gonna be talking about it today the marvelous mrs mazel we are in the midst of shooting shows four five and six of ten and it's exceeding all expectations the show wanna peabody award i'll ask our guest today of she knows what that is i certainly don't i know it's status and important and yet little talked about so will will discuss that briefly and the show of course picked up for season three while we're still shooting up sewed three of season two but we're elated and crazy excited those of you who constantly ask on twitter the show will drop as it did its first season after thanksgiving ten episodes this year that abate and what we shot thus far is so damn good it makes me want to cry i will say that the mazel world is expanding and contracting in hillary's ways so there and let's get to jamie and i did a show last week where guests had to reschedule and so we just came in and i asked answered your questions we created our own is it ama sounds familiar but i always think em get confused and so there are a couple of questions leftover this is from von bead at von bead on the twitter now remember you did say you'll answer every question for the show kevin well you let me be a to show intern this fall that's be dis question qualifications competent that's it yes of course yeah write to us at kpc's fan mail g mail dot com give us a more qualifications and we'll figure it out you know you need to be vetted can't just ride it on twitter and then show up at the show 'cause you could be like crazy grants grants no you're not sorry no should you be equipped grandson of of someone crazy someone crazy i was thinking of manson i wanted to say chaz manson chaz he's great he's a jazz musician yeah jazz jazz the dearly departed last question for you folk this came from the instagram scott osborne at so hamilton to his question who make you still crackup uncontrollably even after all these years well chris guests owns me now it's easy to pick one of the funniest human beings that ever live but i've known him since nineteen ninety one i want to say because we shot something together show he and rob reiner create right before a few good men in fact fill the story maybe once or thrice or seventeen times the reason i got a few good men are so i'm convinced is that i was shooting this other thing called morton and hayes that chris gust and rob reiner crater and i was in rob's face every day for six weeks while he was casting a few good men we're having lunch every day the way jews do do and one day he just sort of waived his beautifully stubby finger in my face and said i'm doing this movie it was a broadway plays a big head i got tom cruise i think i'm gonna get jack nicholson but there's this part of tom's cocounsel that you're perfect for i've got an offer out to jason alexander but if seinfeld gets picked up for season two he won't be available a little perspective seinfeld season two was ninety percent not a chance in hell it had aired on friday nights as.

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