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Senator Jeff Flake, Robert Muller, Special Counsel discussed on What Next | Daily News and Analysis


Earlier this week Republican Senator Jeff flake held a press conference. Thank you for being here. We've just ask for unanimous consent on the floor of the Senate to bring the special counsel independence integrity act to the floor this legislation that passage additionally committee on April twenty six he was trying to revive a Bill that the Senate I considered back in the spring. It would protect special counsel Robert Muller from political interference. So this is a legislation. That would have codified Justice department rules saying that you can only fire the special counsel for good cause dully with wick covers the courts for sleep. She was watching this moment closely. It was voted on in committee last April, and it's just been sort of mouldering on the shelves since then. But when the president fired is attorney general last week and replaced him with hardline loyalist, many Washington insiders started to worry about Muller's future. So here's flake saying. Being comes forward with Chris coons and says, dammit, no now, we're gonna vote on this. And Mitch McConnell's like, I don't think we needed. I trust Trump. He's not going to hire Muller. And this moment Dalia thinks of it as a kind of conservative gut check for some what happened to the Justice department last week crossed the line, others didn't think so. So what's interesting is the folks for whom it was a red line who have just negotiated that away. And then in tandem with that people like Senator Jeff flake who seemingly say, no actually this remains a red line. And in fact, the firing of sessions is not beyond a red line. It's a flashing red light. Like, this means, you know, Trump has Muller in his crosshairs. And so for me, what's interesting is that split. Here's Jeff flake, who you know, writes, this book conscience of a conservative who has been out on the hustings for two years saying all the right things and doing nothing. He's the one. I'm watching now arise today. The speak in defense of the special counsel of special counsel, Robert Muller. Dial almost doesn't want to say this. But she thinks Jeff flake is taking a stand because after that Muller Bill shutdown Senator flake stood on the floor of the Senate, and he made this threat, one further note on this unanimous consent request that has just failed today Senator coons, and I are prepared to make it again..

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