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Well, I you can believe in richt and want Rick out as offense coordinator. Oh, I'm not in love with his play calling. You know? And I don't know if Thomas Browne would do better, but to me, and I feel the same way about Adam gates with the dolphins. I like it when an offense coordinator a specialist in offense does the play calling and the head coach does the head coach thing, which is you know, communicating with Reshad Jones that his time is going to be diminished. So it doesn't blow up in your face. But this planning for head coach to do beyond calling plays. That's for sure I actually disagree about the calling with Adam gates. I think that when you look at Mark richt. It's totally fair that he's just like the most boring offense. It's just runs to the right runs to the left same passing routes. But a few times a game. You see plays that you're like that's a good offense in my when he had Albert Wilson. You saw big plays. Yeah. Like his offensive scheme. I at least watch and I'm like, he's at least trying to do different things. Whereas ROY Rick is just like oh my God. If we one more tackle run. And if something works he'll run it thirty times, which I'm not totally against the problem is again, something that works. And as bad as the offense offensive line has been in the quarterback situations been the defense has been elite. They absolutely deserve better. They've been even better than last year's team that swept the nation with a turnover chain. This team absolutely deserves better. It shouldn't have taken such a step back at the very least. It should have been the exact same thing understanding that you were limited at the quarterback position. But it's both not only does he have a zero quarterback said he trusts. He's also completely mismanages situation because both quarterbacks look completely shot in terms of confidence absolutely worse than when the season started..

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