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Not Really Santa Claus but he came through the shoes so we're going to transition now to to more rage one but you Barbara from you of Marty was but he's now a alcoholics anonymous sponsor so the question is we read through this who really needs the most help so this the leave it at that and start with the these experts you can read a few of these and then after that we're going to take our our break the lucky one I opened the door to Marty's trailer and I am seduced by the portrait of a nude young woman lying on her belly. Tigress stripes or tattooed from mostly shaved head down the neck and back to her Baris- a blond straight main flows from ribbon air in the center of her head down the spine all the way to her crack blood drips from Khloe Grace Marissa's forehead into her I in Kerry movie poster more surrealistic artwork covers every square inch of Marty's walls suggesting rich imaginary life with young fee male actresses I don't know how anyone can live like this I can only imagine the torturous traumas Marty suffered in three combat tours but that was long ago enough years have passed a dull the memories of the Vietnam War Marty said ample time to extricate himself from this desolate Ann Arbor trailer part but he still stuck here in the morning I'll rescue Marty from his monastery in scored him on Bass the ball Odyssey to see games in Cincinnati Pittsburgh Cleveland and Detroit it's been a long time but maybe some baseball therapy will help turn his life around the next morning cruising south through Ohio Down I seventy five towards Cincinnati I flashed back to nineteen sixty nine remember our induction physical after the head a stripped down to shorts and shoes a heard your voice in the back yelling Okay You maggots lineup briefs on the left boxers on the right I drove fruit of the loom second row jockey hanes and munching wear last oh Penney's and sears you had the whole room laughing yeah then some asshole shouted what about Commando Mardi that was me that was the last time I laugh for the next four years Marty stares out the window at a soybean field you're one lucky son of a bitch you could fall through the floor of an outhouse and find buried treasure as we near downtown Cincinnati we pass Mitchell Avenue where I used to exit on the way to my first job my boss despised piece Knicks that Fascist city fire me if I didn't get rid of my faded you gene McCarthy bumper sticker after work I'd pop a cold one s I watched the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. I'd be on second one Walter ended this broadcast with the body count of US killed in action a nightly reminder of my survivor shame as if I could ever Forget I'd curl up on the couch with my knees drawn to my chest and shiver my country had become estranged from Peace piece was nearly strangled by the king and Kennedy assassinations in nineteen sixty eight what was left to peace was beaten to death in the streets of Chicago Dog Oh at the Democratic convention in a last act of humiliation its corpse was left hanging on the steps of the Capitol where it could witness the Nixon inauguration I scraped off you gene blessed are the Peacemakers miass for they will be called traders in Pittsburgh the next morning we walked to the ballpark across the allegheny river on the Roberto Clemente Bridge after the game pass a weathered man seated near the bridge entrance holding a sign please help a homeless vet Mardi kneels next to him while I dodge oncoming pedestrian traffic streaming out of the Ballpark I move next to Marti hoping he'll take the hint that we should get going mm-hmm Mardi looks up at me have you got a few bucks stuff three ones into his palm MARDI glances at the money stands and faces me with his hand held out he gives me a look that says don't be such a cheap shit I give him a twenty he'll just drink it Mardi looks up from the bills what were you gonNa do with it Martin O'Neill's again and Tucks the money into the fellow shirt.

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