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Go chop them up actually. Been convicted though. How long is this. It's still a cold cold case. I'm not. I'm sure she has been Let's see ricky debates was offered to be the first comedian to perform in space. He could have been the first comic form standup in-space but fear got the best of him. He revealed details about special invitation. To go on a commercial spaceflight says quote. I was invited to one of these things where you go up into space for fifteen minutes. It was a group a billionaires. They offered me the chance to be the first comedian to do a standup show in space. Said he was scared to death. I wouldn't do really no way really right now. You would go to space I have no. He's all talk. I have no interest in being on top of a roof. Yeah let's face. I hate heights but like in space kind of like a an airplane. You just forget someone. You're sitting there you forget. You're on the air. Sometimes you just like in a tube like you're really. It didn't matter where you're you're just sitting in a room anyway away higher than we do in an airplane and i mean i guess eddie's point it is probably like the first time someone took a airplane flight but now it's just but the first time someone took an airplane flight there. The dangers were far more significant because there had been a ton of airplane flights to go well. If something wrong happens what we do right okay. I see that it's tastes. Yeah i'm out. I have the lizzie. Borden information here. Okay lizzie borden was arrested and tried for the axe murders. She was acquitted in eighteen ninety three and continued to live in fall river until her death in nineteen twenty seven. The case was never solved. How so she may have not done it. I don't think she did when i learned about this. I don't even. I've i don't know what this is. I remember thinking then. Don't think she did it. When did you learn about this and school. This part of your curriculum at school never heard about this. I thought when i just was going along within a minute ago like lizzie. We're talking about and then when you said eighteen hundreds i was like okay. I'm i'm never heard of it but okay. Maybe we did learn about it in school. Maybe you just didn't care that's probably exactly yet all right there you go. There's bobby's story. Let me talk to orissa in saint louis who was on the phone with us right now. A marisa how are you. Hi how are you guys doing. Good morning studio morin. Oh gosh that's awesome So i have a just a comic for eddie I've been a big listener for quite some time now. But i just wanted to say that i think eddie would be perfect to do a voice over for an animated movie. I would love that. Why eddie just because his voice is so I don't know. I feel like there's a lot of character in it and like everything he says always makes me laugh in. His lap is just so It just makes me laugh. You know it it. It really does eddie. Fan club here. Hey you know what. Like when i watch a lot of disney movies with my kids and i think that all the time like i would love to be one of these characters. How much fun would that be to be a voice character for animated movies. And you're really really good at impressions. Yeah yes so bone. How do i get into this lunch. Box had this whole thing years ago. I think he went to school classes. He took classes to be a voiceover. Okay director voice artist sues your big character forget his name and made them in squeaky squirrel squirrel. I forgot his name. And and it just never winning less. If you if squeaky the squirrel was deciding that today he was going to go out and pick up litter. What would he say. Oh you guys. It's a beautiful downsides. Squeaky here we gotta clean up. The neighborhood has got to take pride where you live and oh there's some trash over there. Let's go pick that up. You know what. I live in a garbage field city so pick up the nude or in your neighborhood. It's weird guy with the deepest voice goes for the highest voice character right. Yeah that's why it's called squeaky the squirrel because you don't expect it. You see this big burly squirrel but then he darts like there's not a big burly guy like mike tyson when mike tyson dot. He talked voice. I say but you wouldn't expect it. That's why it's a good character characters had to have surprises or you don't remember them. He took lesson. He did take lessons for a long time was that i tried to be the aflac duck. He did he say auditions they went to the head. Auditions and i went aflac. He didn't get a call back in and get a call back. I was so good at it. Eddie what kind of character would you like to do anything anything. But i would just be myself as you watch these movies and these actors there just being themselves because that's all that fish is ellen degeneres which by the way of always wanted to be an animated fish so if any roles pop up i know everybody wants to do the first one. You see what you did. They scream at each other talking politics over thanksgiving dinner. I sent that said okay. Thank you if you missed it earlier. It's not a big late. Breaking news story but lunchbox did not win the lottery last night so here today. This is him pleading with the gas station to help them win. Powerball yesterday. no powerballs tonight. I bought my tickets for tonight yesterday. And i went in because i buy them a day in advance at least so it has time to get in the system so the computer knows. These are going to be the winning tickets okay. So you didn't win the mega millions. So tonight is the powerball five hundred sixty million dollars and this. Is you at a gas station begging them. Let me like. I'm thinking about taking kids. College went to buy more tickets. Not a good idea to okay. Okay so don't do that. You're saying the money my wallet. I was well bob powerball. No no power play. Just powerball too steep. Just take the money and run. That's all i'm gonna do i. Can we say a prayer. Let's say please win. No nobody's losing streak heads or tails tails pick it up. I wouldn't pick up a tells penny about you know no way. So what's what does it mean when you don't take the powerball surprise or whatever you okay. So it's extra money to pay the power play where you get doubles your money. Triple your money. Whatever if it matches the ball. But i don't mess with the i just want the jackpot and that's it. I don't need to double triple quad. One amer definitely not okay. Here's one more clip here. You go man. I'm looking to get rich okay. You know what. I'm saying that powerball like would it be crazy to buy ten thousand tickets like i mean. Would you be able to print. That mean tickets. But you've got tickets tells me you're going to help me win this millions. I want to quit my job so bad. You know what i'm saying. I will move to an island. okay. And i'll give you a condo on that island and the winning.

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